July 20th, 2015



BASFA got bogged down when Ric without a k decided to make his review of Ant Man into a podcast. Long, boring, and several people walked out on it. It ran so long I didn't give my reviews. And then when the auctions started, a book I had brought, which should have been snatched up right away, Ric without a k started asking stupid questions about which edition it was, when he could have just asked to see the book. Which is when I left the meeting.

Work was a bonus, two builds. The second one was allegedly the same as the first, with only the revision number changed so it can ship. Forthose who came in late, when a product is under development it has names and or numbers for internal engineering use, but when it ships it gets called whatever Marketing wants.

At the weekly team meeting, we got the bad news that the wine country tour was axed by the Big Boss, the one we had voted on as the reward for getting this thing shipped. Instead we get to go to a steak place for lunch, the one which took over Benihana's and now offers nothing for lunch which I am interested in eating. And to add to the adventure, reservations were not confirmed. After lunch we get to go to miniature golf. Big whoop. I think I will skip it. Maybe I'll call in old.

Thought about expanding my trip to Bend for Labor Day weekend into a full week vacation, but since I'm flying up, I won't be able to bring my camping gear, and besides, I don't really want to be camping in the middle of Oregon. Not my kind of scenery. Maybe I'll go somewhere with a beach some other time.
Lunch was a croissant and iced tea at Starbucks. Lots of pretty women. Read from the Kindle app on the Nexus - Mark Twain's Puddin'head Wilson. I'd never read it before, and thought it was about some lawyer defending a stupid guy, but it's actually an early tale of two sets of fingerprints on a pair of babies switched at birth. I'm pretty sure how it will end, now that I'm 2/3 of the way through, but Twain's way with words is amusing, and educational.

Two reasons for the light lunch. One is I forgot to shoot up my morning long-lasting insulin, so my Hgl was up at 160 by lunchtime, and the other is I was nibbling on nuts, and not so hungry.

Came home from work, Spook was talking to me, for no apparent reason. And as usual, when I parked myself on the recliner, she parked herself just out of reach. She likes being petted with the back of my hand on the side of her neck and on her face, and she likes running her tail through my slightly closed hand. But she runs away when I try to put her on my lap. Same old same old.

Plans for tomorrow:
futon is due. So are the two large plush toys for Spook. And I think I'll schedule 800-got-junk to haul away the big futon.