July 23rd, 2015


It turned out okay

Big Boss allowed Boss's boss to spring for the $50 a plate fixed price lunch for 21 of us at very swanky Alexander's steak house. The choices were salmon, fillet mignon skewers and something called  Wagyu hanger steak. Salad choices were baby greens vs. Caesar and the menu looked like dessert was between devil's food cake, sorbet, caramel bananas and chocolate mousse. Turns out the dessert was a tray with microscopic pieces of each. I had the ceasar and wagyu, which tasted great but the presentation was ostentatious and in the case of the salad, somewhat bizarre. 

All the women sat at the far side of the table, with me & two other guys. The executive admin was across from me,  which was great because she is smart and hot and single. Married Russian woman was to my right, she is even smarter and hotter, but she didn't talk much. Which is very strange for her.

After, about half of us went to the miniature golf place, which was also part of the celebration, 2 hours paid for. Admin babe and Russian babe did not show. But there were 13 playing, I just took photos. Glad I did because the course was very tough and I would have been awful. There was some serious eye candy around the course, and those photos will not be shared on the company site. I tweaked what needed tweaking in Photoshop when I got home, and put them on a USB drive. Which I will slap into the photo frame in the morning.

There are some blackmail shots of J The Obnoxious being a tool. At work, J is the epitome of moderation, but any time there is competition, he becomes Instant Type A, incredibly vocal, controlling and competitive. Some of it is an act, but some isn't. He tried to bet C $5 the he (J) would have the low score, but as it turned out, C had the low score and J kept racking up the points, which made him even more obnoxious.  

I was home by 4, waiting for Fedex to be there between 5 and 7, and the disposal installer between 6 and 7. Installer guy called in late, but got there by 7:15 and did the same excellent job he had done installing the dishwasher. $200 cashectomy, but worth it. Fedex arrived a little before installer was done, with the replacement futon mattress in a box which was mostly pulverized. Luckily it's pretty hard to damage a mattress, short of poking swords through it.

I got it on my dolly and wheeled it to the guest bedroom, and parked it there until installer was finished. Then I tore open the ends of the box and slid the mattress onto the frame, which I'd put into bed position. Had to rotate it to get it the right direction, but now it is laid out, 48 hours it should be ready to pull back into sofa mode.

Spook hid in the corner of the office while people were here, and when she came out she was a bit crazy. Attacked the toy balls hanging from the top of the cat tree. Rand around the house a few times.

Spent a lot of time on FB, made a couple of graphics in response to friends' posts. Here's one in answer to someone who said 22% of owners dress their dogs:

Also did some research and ordered a new litterbox. The brand Spook has been using doesn't rake the bottom half inch, which means stuff builds up which shouldn't. The new one has a different transport system, we'll see how it does. It's also supposed to be quieter with a more powerful motor.

Also went to Amazon looking for a copy of Theodore Bikel's In My Own Lifetime: 12 Musical Theater Classics because I didn't know it existed, and the obscure song In My Own Lifetime from the obscure musical The Rothchilds is one of my favorites. The CD was not available for a reasonable price, so I downloaded MP3s, which are never as good.

Unfortunately, it's slightly out of his range, and he kind of shouts those parts. But also downloaded was his Hebrew/English version of Jaques Brel's If We Only Had Love, which is superb. I could almost understand the Hebrew.

Plans for tomorrow:
There may be meetings
Leave by 5:30
Glue in my teeth
Band practice

Too tired to write much. Not much to write about

Woke up at 6 with an Hgl of 67. Self-medicated and went back to bed. Spook did not like that and kept yelling at me and running across the bed.

Work was boring. I put the USB drive with the golf photos on the photo frame, and also uploaded them to the shared server.
QA meeting was canceled
Lunch at China Stix, combo chow fun was okay
Mint chocolate chip scoop at B&R

Stayed late because I got there lat, and was going to band practice without a stop at home

Band was good. We went over most of the tunes for Sunday's concert. The new teeth did not stay glued in, but the new smaller mouthpiece compensated. We are officially down to 3 baritone horns. Jake finally gave up. He was in Stanford grad school 10 years before I graduated from college, which makes him about 75. And the college student who had been playing for us apparently found a job elsewhere.

Home, ordered a new music stand because the one I have was a Frankenstein of two which didn't adjust to my liking. It should be here before the concert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Demo of a closed captioning testing tool
Weekly report
Hang out somewhere?