July 26th, 2015


Concerted Effort

The last Sunday of every summer month for the last few years for me has been the Ye Olde Towne Band of Los Altos free open air concert in Shoup Park. I missed last month because it would have also been the final performance of Iolanthe and though I dropped out of the show in plenty of time to be at rehearsals and the concert, my lazy gene took hold and I didn't.

Today I got there unusually early - 11:30 for a 1:30 concert, partly because I ran out of things to do at home (did the laundry, hung up all the clothes, whipped up another batch of caramel walnuts, checked the computer backup, said rude things on Facebook, etc.). Might have been subconscious because the conductor had announced that the fellow who had been our riser wrangler has decided he's not doing it any more. I was too late to help haul risers, or rather the three men who were doing it didn't want any help, instead decided to be macho and get the last three without taking a break. So I helped bring out the chairs.

Lots of sitting and waiting on a nice 85° day. I had forgotten my tablet, and don't like to do Kindle on the phone - too small - so I facebooked a little and vegged a little.

It was a good concert, but a trifle confusing. The conductor gives some blurbs about each number before we play it, and it sounded like the concert was in large part a tribute to John Phillip Sousa. Don't know why, Sousa was a Scorpio so not a birthday thing, and he died in winter, so not a memorial thing. But we played a lot of his stuff, including the piece which attracted me to the band - The Sousa Scramble which takes 8 bars at a time from 7 different Sousa marches and scrambles them into a 3-minute arrangement. Incredibly entertaining to listen to, amazingly difficult to play.

We also played The Thunderer, El Capitan (which apparently was from a Sousa operetta?), and The Black Horse Troop March. And it was medley time most of the rest of the performance:
Annie Get Your Gun
Italian Festival
A Symphony Of Sit-Coms
Looney Tunes Overture
Around The World In 80 Days
Instant Concert

We also did a Scott Joplin rag and Manilow's Copacabana

My lip did not complain much, we only got above the staff occasionally and briefly.

Next up was Starbucks down the hill at San Antonio Center with Janice at 5, but it was only 3:30 so I remembered some things I needed at Safeway which would not mind being in a hot car for a couple of hours, and dove into their air conditioned eye candy parade. Only took me an hour, put the stuff in the car and waited at Starbucks.

After our chat, I went back to Safeway for things which would not fare well in a hot car, and more eye candy.

Home, put the horn & stand in the shed (no rehearsals till mid-August), took in the groc, watered the carport garden. Back inside, put stuff away, collected all the garbage bags and took out the regular trash. Where I met neighbor Lee, who was operating on an hour's sleep because her mother, who was 86 and living alone in Stockton, was found dead. The way Lee describes it is she had been using her walker in the house, and just fell over backwards. Apparently dead before she hit the floor. She said she and her husband would be away for the ceremonies (mom was Buddhist) and asked me to keep an eye on the house.

We chatted till she ran out of gas, then I watered the gardens on that side, went back inside and bundled the large pile of cardboard (the futon mattress box cut up into a pile about 2 feet high), took the recyclables out and wheeled all that to the curb. Then Lee asked me if she could dump a bag of small rocks (from her gardening) into my trash, since they would nto be putting out the bins this week. I said yes. She comes back with a bag almost as big as she is, probably 50 lbs, and dumps it in my bin. It was not a small bag, it was a bag of small rocks. Which is what she said. I hope it doesn't get me in trouble. We'll know tomorrow.

Also printed up the rent check. Oddly, the water bill was not much higher than usual, but the aircon raised the electric about $80. Worth it IMHO.

Dinner was a frozen beef & multigrains, dessert was sliced bananas, cantaloupe, blueberries and honey.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Sunnyvale photo club. Depends on the weather. The venue is not air conditioned and needs more than a fan. No BASFA for a while, the boring element has taken over. There's an instant monologue meetup which sounds like fun,  but it means fighting San Jose traffic at rush hour. Maybe I'll just go home and annoy Spook.