July 28th, 2015



Team meeting this morning was full of more work to do than Boss expected or wanted.

Automation Guy invited us all to log into the task manager and pluck items not assigned to anyone, and work on them. So I did  search and found nothing. When I asked him about it he remembered that before they can be plucked, his 2nd in command needs to go over them and actually assign the ones which need review to "unassigned". Sigh.

At the meeting, I asked Boss if this was a good time frame to hold my HTML class. That got shot down, with such force that it will disappear from my weekly report "to do" list. Probably permanently. And I'll probably erase the powerpoint.

One good thing is I found the Windows Movie Maker can make an animated GIF style MP4 movie from a series of JPGs, so I made a couple from the mini golf adventure.

Boss also sent email telling us to not test the latest build, to go back to the last one. And doing that wiped out my database. I had an old backup which was a good start.

Lunch was Sizzler, the shrimp plate. Not bad, but over priced.

Straight home after work, it was too hot to go to any of the three meetings which were on the calendar. Well, two of them. One was too early, rush hour traffic to San Jose snuffed that one.

Took in the garbage bins, was happy to see the big bag of rocks has not caused an issue. Not happy to see that half the containers were still in the recycle bin, as one got caught in the nooks and crannies, preventing several others from dropping.

Watered all the gardens, including the bit of Lee's nearest mine. They are gone to the funeral rites, probably all week.

UPS took their time delivering the package which was supposed to have been delivered Friday. It was dropped (and I mean that literally) on the back stoop at about 8 pm. And it was badly beaten up to the point I didn't need any cutter to liberate the contents. A new automatic litterbox.

So that meant taking apart the current one, dumping its contents into the litter bin (a standard covered tall kitchen one), sweeping up the mess that the litterbox made during its normal operation, assembling and filling the new one and putting it in place.

Spook figured out how to use it pretty quickly, and seemed pretty puzzled that the old one was on its side by the back door. I was making dinner when I heard the motor start, and Spook also came to look. It worked fine, made no mess, and it was easy to see Spook had used it.

Dinner was a plan which had not been thought out well enough. The plan was scrambled eggs with garlic and swiss cheese. Somehow I thought that 4 eggs was a good idea, and mixing in all the ingredients at the start was also a good idea. The only idea which turned out to be good was buttering two slices of Health Nut bread, nuking them for 30 seconds, and pouring the results on top. Note to self: wait till the last minute to add the cheeses. And maybe also the thyme and ground pepper. Maybe.

It was filling, and not totally repulsive. Dessert was strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries and chocolate pudding.

Watched the second episode of Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrel. Just when I think I'm getting to enjoy it, they do something sledge-hammerish and make me wonder if I'm going to watch episode 3, which is already on the Tivo. And I had to turn on closed captioning because the hero doesn't know how to enunciate.

What else? Went online and ordered some dress pants, at least one pair will be made into shorts, because at $10 a pair.... Odd that Walmarts would have a non-clearance deep discount like that on big men's sizes.

A routine blurb from Scottrade in the mail reminded me that I wanted to buy some mutual funds and/or stock in my IRA. I had liquidated $10k thinking I might need it to pay cash for the Prius, but Toyota gave me a 0% loan, which means it will make more sense to wait until I have only Social Security for income before paying income tax on that $$.

Plans for tomorrow:
probably hang out at a Starbucks with my laptop