October 19th, 2015


Trying out a new (to me) journal editor

Windows 10 makes some older apps look fuzzy. It expects them to be aware of the screen resolution. Seamagic, which I have been using since I started this journal, is too ugly in Win10 to use, and they haven’t updated it since 2011. Turns out I already had the best one on the PC – Windows Live Writer, which is part of Windows Essentials 2012, which I got a while ago because it also includes Picture Gallery which has a neat feature to resize a batch of images in two or three clicks.

Looks good so far. But it lacks the ability to tag users.

So. Today started early, sis was up at 7, I stayed in bed till half past. She made oatmeal for breakfast – last night she found the box of instant, and had me pull out some brown sugar, cinnamon and asked for raisins but I don’t have any. Pretty much the way we ate it as kids.

Out of the house at 9:15 instead of 9, because sisters are like that. Put her luggage and my lunch cooler in the hatchback, and drove to work.  It rained a little. Gave her the tour, unfortunately the Israeli IT head was out sick, but she met some other Israelis and a Russian who is an orthodox Jew. And she met most of my team, catching a couple as they went into the 10 am meeting.

Next stop was the airport, dropped her off at the Delta departures section, and then back to work for the second half of the meeting.

There were two upgrades to do, one each on different models. Lunch was at Togo’s. Asian chicken salad.

Back at work, team leader transferred some of his test cases to me, audio stuff which should be fun.

Caught up on a lot of email and RSS feeds. Played online mahjong and solitaire. Messed with the new software on the latest model.

Straight home, Spook took a while to come out of the closet. Watched MNF, loved seeing the Eagles crush the Giants, but it was a horribly sloppy game on both sides.

Now that the guest room isn’t expecting to be used, I turned the futon back into a sofa, but kept the bedding and pillows on it. I’ll be moving the linen rack back in Real Soon Now because it doesn’t belong in the office.

Got email from the real estate agent reversing their original opinion from Friday about me being responsible for the taxes. So I bundled the paperwork and wrote a letter to the mortgage holder and told them to pay it, and refund what I paid last year.

Also wrote to Terminix asking for my money back. They have a 100% money back if not satisfied guarantee, and I wasn’t even partly satisfied.

Dinner was herring and lox, dessert was bananas and walnuts with honey and chocolate syrup.

Plans for tomorrow:


A normal, quiet evening.