October 20th, 2015


Back To Nominal

Not quite normal. Still have that cough. Still fighting the same issues at work.

Got to work, passed one test case, and immediately hot a roadblock. The machine needed a license to use the feature I was testing.  I logged into the license creation tool, but it refused to accept my password (which I had changed about 3 hours ago). I emailed the support person, saying I had tried all combinations of possible user names and passwords (there were 4) and she emailed back, asked if I had tried the first one I mentioned. I emailed back yes, as my original message said, I had tried that. She emailed back the same question, this time using my actual old login name. I went to all caps, apologized for shouting, and repeated I had tried that.

She replied there was no need to shout, she was trying to help.

I tried the old user name and an old password, and it worked, so I emailed that to her,  with “nevermind”. And then the license it created didn’t work. Team leader said it was a known issue, the guy two cubes down had to nuke my machine to fix it.

Eventually got it working, after a crash and two reboots.

Lunch was in the break room because stupid 2 pm meeting.

Batcave Starbucks after work, some nice views as the barista bent down to re-stock the food section my seat faced.

On to Lucky’s to get some sourdough slices and pita and frozen lasagna.

Home. Spook is being weird. Very vocal. Played catch with me for a bit, then dove under the carpet.

Watched Shark Tank, and some college football snippets. Self-medicated the

cough with Sabra liquor.

Dinner was sourdough slices with garlic hummus, lox and halvah for dessert.

Evernote is a FAIL on Windows 10, same issue as Seamagic. Looks like I’ll be using MS One Note instead. I hate that the apps which work are all from M$FT.

Plans for tomorrow: