November 3rd, 2015

How Elephant

Little Victories

Slept well last night, only woke up twice, then 15 minutes before the alarm.

Almost forgot to put my teeth in.

There was actual work at work. I learned some new things about the deep innards of MPEG2 video. Amazing how much stuff is required to make a video comply with the standards. Almost found a bug, but after a bunch more captures we blamed it on the source.

Online mahjong for a break, I won the first time I played it, never again.

Lunchtime first stop was the Tech CU, because I had forgotten about the “fractional number” which is usually in teeny tiny print  somewhere near the top of the check. I thought I’d figured it out from online write-ups, but looking at the Keypoint CU checks, those had more numbers than I could account for. Turns out the online stuff was correct, looking at a check belonging to the teller.

Then to Togo’s, where a bowl of clam chowder and a whole pastrami sandwich was too much for me.

Back at work, Corp decided we all needed to take a course in data security. Turned out to be four required courses plus one required from a list of another four.

Written for interns and executives, the art was cartoons. A too-fast audio track yammered way too many words. At the end of the yammer was a game where you clicked on items which would destroy Democracy As We Know It™, then there was some more yammer,m and a 5-question quiz. They were multiple guess, sometimes four check boxes (click all which apply) sometimes radio dots (pick the best one). The check box q’s were all effed up, sometimes clicking all 4 was the correct answer IRL, but the bozoids who wrote the test marked it WRONG!!! if they thought only 2 or 3 applied. Out of the 25 questions all told, only three or four wanted answers which were contrary to what was taught in the yammer.

They didn’t mention it, but if you got something wrong, you could start the quiz again at any point, and though the order of the questions was shuffled, they were always the same 5 q’s.  Idiots.

So I passed all 5, but it took way too long and I didn’t learn a thing, except that the writers were not nearly paranoid enough for a corporate data security course.

More work at work. Passed the test cases from this morning, a bunch more showed up in my in box. Looked at the first one, I have no idea how to do it. It requires equipment I’ve never heard of.  I’ll chase that down tomorrow.

Home, nothing in the mail except a men’s clothing catalog from a place I would never patronize.

After putting away what I hadn’t eaten from my snack cooler, first order of business was to light the pilot light in the gas furnace. This time I duct taped open the heavily spring-loaded access port. Many tries with the BBQ lighter I keep by the stove, but no joy. Opened up a new one, it had more of a charge, doubled the length of the flame. Got it 2nd try. The pilot is not where the instructions on the furnace claim it is, it is out of sight below that.

Turned the thermostat from cold to heat, and upped the tem setting to 2° above the current temp. The gas caught right away. After about 10 minutes the fan came on.

Next victory was creating a check for the new CU account, using a photo of Spook as the background image. Printed one out to be used for direct deposit.

Tivo time. South Park, which was almost funny. Doctor Who, one of the most poorly written ever. And to be continued. Gag me.

Dinner was chips until I ran out of dip, then a small frozen Thai coconut chicken meal. Apple with walnuts & honey for dessert.

Gathered most of Spook’s toys from around the house and dumped them in a small pile in the livingroom between the sheepskin rug & the fan.  She sprawled out next to them as I watched TV.  She plucked the little monkey doll out of the pile and flipped it onto the rug, but that was all. Right now she is behind me, re-discovering the cat bed under the table which used to be her preferred spot.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Going-away lunch for going away guy
  • Send in the new direct deposit paperwork
  • Maybe buy a ticket for Thursday or Friday Santa Clara Players show