November 16th, 2015


Mostly Ho Hum

Usually I have something planned for my birthday, especially dinner out. Not this year. It kind of snuck up on me. Last night Janice texted asking if we were not on for coffee, and I said I might be going to see Clybourne Park at Palo Alto Players. I was actually online about to buy a ticket. She said she wanted to go too, so I got two tickets.

So the plan became picking her up at about 1:15, going to the show at 2, Starbucks after.

I was up way late, thanks to the show at Sunnyvale. In bed at about 2 am. Slept well, finally out of bed at 11. Spook was on the bed yelling for her treats.

Not much time to do more than throw in a load of laundry, then drive to MV to pick up Janice.

The show was very good, some excellent acting. It bogged down a bit in the middle of Act II, but picked up again. The ending calls for a sequel.

We went to a nearby Starbucks for a chat. Ran into a couple of BASFA photography friends, who wished me a happy birthday.

Dropped Janice at her place, it was surrounded by fire engines and police cars, but they were wrapping up. She texted later that it was a tiny fire, all is well.

Stopped off at the big Safeway, they had many black forest cakes. I bought one. And on honor of having a freezer, I also bought another ice cream cake.

Home, Spook was being weird, watching out of the side window, I didn’t see anything. Maybe the very strong wind whipping up the foliage caught her eye. She also ran up and down the house with her little stuffed monkey toy, which she had not paid any attention to in months, until a couple of days ago.

Dinner was a 4-course meal of won ton soup, chips & dip, shrimp egg rolls and black forest cake, while seeing the Seahawks go from behind 19-0 to ahead and then lose in the last 4 minutes.

Liked a ton of FB birthday greetings. Call from Middle Sister to sing the song off key (a family tradition). Disappointed to not get a call from baby sister, but she FB-ed.

Tummy did it to me again. Seems the whipped cream on my frappuchino and black forest cake each triggered a nasty #2 event. Starbucks just meant going back inside after we had left & crossed the street. Had to un-hook the restroom door, which was open because the floor was still wet from mopping. At home I barely made it, I thought,  but socks and one of the mats is in the wash right now. Took a shower, used the spray attachment and now all is well. This after taking a pair of lactose pills prior to dinner. I am so not amused.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • MNF
  • Maybe BASFA. It’s been a while

We iz Old

Slept well again, mostly because I got to bed way too late again. At work on time, maybe 5 minutes early. Thought there was something wrong with my machine because only ESPN was playing, but it turns out that two completely different sources went south.

Team meeting was pretty long, because we have 4 active versions of the product under test.

Lunchtime first stop was Verizon, where they unlocked my online account and let me change my autopay to TechCU from Keypoint. That was the last of the auto pay changes. Lunch at nearby Boston Market, pot pie. The crust is meh but they use dark meat chicken, FTW. And the soft drink glass is huge. But singularly unattractive clientele, including me.

Back at work, double checked that my transfer of all but $25 of savings at Keypoint had made it across to checking.

Got one complex test done and passed, started setting up for another, but got caught with a catch-22. It was to check that a size format signal was passed correctly when the video was from a particular type of connection, and downmixed from HD to SD. A bug I found last week made that impossible to test. Boo, hiss.

But that let me leave at 5:30, and be early for Computer History Museum’s reception and movie + panel discussion. Sadly, I was still full from lunch, so bypassed the food. It was all cold cut sandwiches, so no big loss.

The movie was something put together on George Boole by the Cork County, Ireland college which employed him as a math teacher for most of his life.  They did it in that ho-hum format where they hired actors to dress up and mime their parts while Jeremy Irons voice over a narration. Interspersed with that were live interviews with people who have a modern connection with Boole, such as the president of the college, a Google engineer who is his great-great-grandson, an Intel engineer or two, and a couple of math historians.

It was very interesting, and educational, but they spent ££££ on lame special graphics effects which would have been better spent on his family.

After the movie, the college pres, the admin whose project this was, and the head of a research lab which lives in the college were interviewed by the CHM pres. At which time it was revealed that Boole had 5 daughters, all of whom grew up to be famous scientists and mathematicians.

After the panel, the admin and a fundraiser got up and pitched at great length a plea for donations to help restore a house Boole had lived in near campus, which the college bought after much pressure from the city council. It was shown in the movie, derelict, boarded up and covered with gang tags. They went on and on about it, which they didn’t need to because for anyone in that room it was an instant decision one way or the other. They probably talked me out of it.

Home, Spook was very active, bringing out her mouse and one of her balls and even the stuffed monkey.

Dinner was a Boston Market country fried steak, with black forest cake for dessert while I caught up on PTI and Shark Tank on Tivo.

Printed a pair of checks on Keypoint CU.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Work
  • Deposit a pair of checks, one for TechCU checking, one for TechCU savings.
  • ???