December 22nd, 2015


Lost and Found

According to Amazon, the DVD I ordered last week was delivered Friday by USPS. Their generic message said to look where my mail is usually delivered, such as my mailbox. Well, nothing like an envelope with a DVD in it was in the mailbox. So this morning I asked for a replacement. Which they started to process.

Tonight after returning from BASFA, there were two amazon packages on the carport landing, but neither of them was the DVD. According to my whiteboard, out of all the things I had en route, the DVD was the only one not accounted for.

So I went outside, and looked around the porch. And found a box big enough for 5 DVDs, hidden behind the furniture. And yes, it had the DVD inside. So I went online and requested they cancel the replacement, but may not have reached them in time.

So two three eff-ups in one. Amazon, as they often do, using too much and too expensive packing for the item, Amazon sending it by untraceable USPS parcel service, and the postal carrier hiding the package, as if that will fool thieves. When all the other carriers leave a small package they want to hide from obvious view, they put it on the back steps of the carport entrance. I'll see that instantly when I climb the front steps, but it's unseen from the street.

Monday. Our team meeting was pretty sparse, and I was the only one who was left at 5:30, everyone else took a half day off except W, who just got back from vacation. But he still left an hour early. He needed a vacation from his vacation.

I got some tests done, filed a feature request, got word that a critical bug I'd filed will be fixed in the next build, and I need top find out if our IT genius is around because me & engineering need a particular video loop fed into the SDI distribution box, because the feeds which claim to be that kind of video are not.

The GUI is acting strange, I think tomorrow I need to delete the database and rebuild all my feeds.

Lunchtime was a drive to N. 1st St. & River Oaks Parkway, the site of the only north San Jose free parkNride. It's actual a corner of the transit authority office parking lot. I've used it before, when River Oaks was my light rail stop - Sony was a block away, and I'd park there evenings when I took light rail into SJ for a show or a convention or just fun. The object was to see if there were spaces available, and to read any Official Signs. Almost all the spaces were empty, and the sign said one could park for 72 hours. I figure I'll chance it, since my 72 hours will be up on Sunday, and I'm betting they won't tow anyone the Sunday of Christmas weekend.

Back at work, I did the math with the schedules, and I have to be on my way down the road by 7:30 am Thursday to catch the light rail train which gets me to Amtrak in time for the 9:10 bus to Stockton.  

Home after work. It was raining. Seattle rain, more than a drizzle but not hard enough to take the wipers off intermittent. Watched as much of the MNF game as I could, kept thinking it would be more comfortable to stay indoors, but I'd promised Mo I would bring her a calendar, and if the johno and his Chris were there, I had one for her, and one for Chris G. as well.

So I went to basfa, which was in Round Table, temporarily. The room was way small for us, and there was a perpetual line at the order desk, but I found a place by the door, and after half an hour went out to order a personal pizza. I like their pizzas, always have. There was a time when their original branch was my home pizza place.

And my favorite cult ad of all time is "Go to the freezer, get the box...I'm helping!".

VP Ken did a good job of chairing the meeting, despite many interruptions and cross-conversations by some of the usual suspects. Because of the discussion of how to find a permanent meeting place, the meeting ran long, and we were kicked out at 9:55 after a 10-minute warning.

I didn't have much to say, it was not that long ago that we moved to Coco's, and most of the runners up are still up and running. And it's somewhat of an exercise in gerrymandering. People who don't attend because it's too far for them are not there to suggest places which are closer to them. Though this time there were several from the east side and one had done his homework on a family favorite of his. If that one is chosen, I won't make it to many meetings. But I wouldn't begrudge the easterners their turn.

Delivered, besides the DVD (two-disc set, Ghostbustgers I & II, mastered in 4K) was a pair of big cans of Planters honey roasted peanuts and a replacement lithium battery for my Logitech Harmony One remote, which had not been keeping a charge lately. The honey roasted peanuts are my compromise with eating right and enjoying it.

After I post this, I'll probably FF through the rest of the football game. And maybe throw GB into the DVD player for a few minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:

Maybe start packing