December 23rd, 2015


From Network to Notwork and back again

Another good sleep last night, but I squandered the extra time on the tablet. Got to work at 9:30, so was boss. Blame the rain. We had a Seattle-type morning, enough rain to keep the wipers on but not enough to take them off intermittent. Apparently we got half an inch. And I hit all the red lights. There wasn't much traffic, though.

Lots to do at work, all the test cases I was running had to be edited and corrected for three different things. I need to talk to boss about thing #3, because it has to do with a part of the database he maintains. And as I was finishing up, and moving to the next set, it is clear these are duplicates of what I just finished, and they too had three things to change, but only #3 was the same.

Lunch was at Sizzler, I made the mistake of letting the smell of cooking steak lure me away from the usual salad bar, and order the 8 oz tri-tip on special. It was okay for the first 4 oz, but the last 4 was all gristle. Looked like someone wove it out of blood vessels. New manager came by and asked how the steak was, I said "Horrible" and showed him. He offered to get me a replacement but I was running out of hour, so he wrote a comp on the back of his card. Which I threw away later, because this is not the first time I've had bad tri-tip there, and the salad bar includes wings.

Whatever they are building besides a Whole Foods across Bowers Ave. is shaping up rapidly. One building looks like a Taco Bell. I wouldn't eat there, but it's a good choice, since there's a Jack in the Box and a MacDonald's nearby, and the only Mexican places in the area are pricey sit-down affairs. Looking at the city planner's site, it's going to mostly be upscale housing. 2,200 units with parking garages. 40,000 sq. ft. of retail, but the artist's drawings don't show anything like what I'm seeing on the ground. Nothing in the planning site specifically naming retail establishments.

Lunch was a little early because our lab network went down for a couple of hours. It was back up shortly after I returned.

Home, the allegedly 4K-capable Amazon Fire was delivered. Hooked it up, got no signal at first. Had to plug in the HDMI cable while the AV switch was on. Bought a cheap 4K movie, but it played in 1080. Checked the settings, and it should have worked. I probably won't have time to complain till it's too late.

Did laundry. Shirts are hung up already, Spook helped by burrowing under them on the bed. Whites are drying. Once again forgot to throw the kitchen washcloth in with the whites.

Dinner was 8 ha gow & 4 baked pork buns. Chocolate macadamias for dessert. Am now finishing a glass of egg nog so it doesn't go bad.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home: pack.
I think I'll take the rolling hard shell bag for under the bus, and the dinosauer knapsack for the electronics & insulin.


Quickly because it's an early bed time tonight

Got to work half an hour early. Blame KNBR and KLIV for their interminable traffic reports.

Lots of setting up involved in the tests I'm running. Kept losing at solitaire & mahjong. Those are my go-to time wasters while waiting for the machines to reboot. Found a bug which required a reboot between every step of one test.

Lunchtime I drove to the Amtrak station, and it was more of a zoo than I thought it would be. Not only out of parking spaces, but all the handicapped spaces were illegally parked in, as well as some fire zones.

Home, I'd already taken the rolling bag out of the shed before leaving for work - wanted the sunlight. Packed clothes in it, will add toiletries in the morning. Got the dinosaur bag out of the closet, packed the laptop & minimal accessories, and two lenses & spare camera batteries. Put the body cap on the Nikon, it will be added in the morning after the GPS unit charges. Meds and associated paraphernalia will also be added in the morning.

Decided to walk the 15 minutes to the neighborhood light rail station instead of risking leaving my car in an unattended lot. Have to leave home at the same time either way.

Returning may be dicey - the last light rail trip of the night Sunday is only 20 minutes after the bus is due to drop me off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walk to light rail
Light rail to Amrtrak
Amtrak bus to Stockton
Train to Bakersfield
Bus to Palm Springs
Hotel by 10 pm, I hope.