December 30th, 2015


I really should eat dinner

But I wanted to get this out of the way, reboot the PC to turn off auto-start for the weekend.

Up with the alarm, stayed in bed half an hour longer, was at work at about 9:30. Parking lot was pretty empty, but when I went for lunch it had filled up to about 3/4.

My 1-on-1 was canceled, ironically, because Boss was doing my annual review.

Skipped my usual bi-weekly manicure because I didn't need it. Nails grow more slowly in the cold weather. Lunch at Carl's Jr., because in theory a better thing than Immodium for my tummy is red meat.

Did a lot of chatting at work, also got several bugs out of the way.

Stopped at Lucky's on the way home, Diet Coke was on sale, the little plastic bottles and the medium sized one. The little ones are what I wanted for the trip. Also got assorted things to snack on, and a set of plastic containers to put do-nettes and such into to keep them from being crushed.

Spent about an hour packing, most of that was the snacks.

Put the way overpriced 24-70mm f2.8 lens on the camera, and will pack the 50mm f1.1 as well. Most of the photos will be landscapes and fireworks this trip, so don't need the 300mm zoom. Wanted to use the new hand grip, but it turns out to be useless. Poor design. May look into a harness with a quick release instead. The Nikon built-in grip fits my hand well, but it's a heavy camera and needs to be on a strap when not in use.

Changed the litterbox cartridge. Met two of my neighbors when I went outside to put it in the garbage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 6
Out of the house by 7:30
Amtrak by 8:30
Train leaves at 9
Reno by 4 or 5 pm
Check into hotel
El Dorado for NYE party
Back to hotel - Add layers
To the Arch by 11:30 for festivities and fireworks