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Lotta stress, not lotta stuff done

Should have been a relaxing day, but once again was up reading till 3 am, Relic by Alan Dean Foster. Usually his writing style pulls me in, but not this time - he is inventing words without always defining them first, and we are discovering what the various space beings look like only a little at a time. The story is the last human has been rescued and rejuvenated somewhat - enough to not fall down dead - by one of three or more races, who all seem to get along well enough. And they want to clone him. But he's not happy about it.

Got up around 11, I think. Hgl was in a good low range, but all day I've had headaches and a high pulse rate and usually a high systolic but low diastolic.

No breakfast. Went to Fry's ISO a cable modem (they mostly had outdated ones and Moto/Arris ones). Also checked out an LG 43" TV which is on sale, very nice picture, true 4K HDR which is rare for a 43" TV. But too close to $300. The story is I have a 55" Samsung in the bedroom which is far too big, it had been in the livingroom, and was replaced by a Samsung 55" with HDR. Since it is so big I rarely use it.

BofA, deposited the $14 check from the Google privacy settlement. Went home instead of to Pete's or the park because my bladder told me to. Expected to do that after, but didn't. Spot escaped, I chased him through the neighbor's back yard and onto the empty lot next to that, where he surrendered. I carried him back home.

That seriously wore me out. I vegged on the porch in the rocker, watched some hummingbirds. Napped too. Spot kept yelling at me through the door.

Delivered was litterbox cartridges and a battery operated cat toy ball with a laser dot. Lots of batteries included, tiny ones. Turn it on and it spins in a wobbly manner. But on the carpet and rug it mostly spun in place, or kept banging against furniture. Spook was interested but Spot beat her to it. Long story short, it's lost, batteries ran out and I can't find it.

Lunch was chopped liver and onions on rye - to make the chopped liver less grainy I mixed in some melted butter. That worked. Similar to adding peanut oil to dried out PNB. Mango for dessert.

Took the shirts out of the dryer, still need to hang them up.

Broke down a big pile of boxes and made a bundle to recycle. While I went outside to the garbage bins, Spot escaped again. He headed for #6, and both neighbors were out front gardening. Man says his wife says Spot ate her plants, but I don't think so - Spot hasn't been outside in a week.

Spot came back after about an hour, but when I opened the screen door he bolted again. He came back a couple of hours later. Meanwhile. Spook was out and about. I need to think seriously about finding a new home for Spot. Spook needs to have her house back. There has been progress, but not enough.

Watched two episodes of Jackson Galaxy. I've done everything he would have suggested except get a cat wheel. I should look into that. Spot needs more exercise which I don't have time to give him.

FFed through another episode of the 49ers giving away a game, and Baltimore avoiding doing so. May watch the Raiders tomorrow.
Edit add:
I was so tired I turned off the PC and made mac & cheese & turkey hot dog slices for dinner. Mochi for dessert. Got to bed around 9:30.

Plans for tomorrow:
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