Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Even crappier than crapTV

Found another bug in crapTV, but it was minor, and as much a test suite issue as a TV issue. Had to run the same test about a dozen times.

Boss brings me the long awaited remote for the German STB, and it takes forever to pair. The instructions on the screen are clear - in German - but they only work about 1/10 of the time. And then there were other issues. Spent all afternoon with Boss and NP and finally filed a bug with London manager. Can't get the unit to work at all.

Lunch was that small shepherd's pie, it was okay but very cheaply made. Ground beef, smashed potatoes and lots of corn. Filling enough. Strawberries from home for dessert. Two Kind bars during the day for snacks, thanks to the crap STB didn't get to eat the grapes I'd brought.

Home, traffic on the back road was light. Saw two cars run red lights and one make a right turn from a left turn lane.

Yesterday I downloaded vids from the dash cam, but somehow the ones of the bad traffic on 680-580 from last week were not there. Ran out of memory probably.

LinkedIn message from a recruiter with a really nice QA non-coder job in Santa Clara. Easy commute opposite to the one I have now. Major leap in hourly rate. 6-month contract extendable and possible contract to hire. We set those wheels in motion.

Delivered was the cable modem. After failing to find the comcast site with the PC directly connected to the modem, I went back to my usual router setup (two PC LAN connections), and it worked fine. The only gotcha is it took comcast about 15-20 minutes to restore all my services. But they kept the same IP address, so I didn't have to change all my webcam settings. Speedtest says my router is about 50% faster downloading, but the same crap 6 mbps upload.

But the main reason for the cashectomy is reliability. We'll see.

New feature in Alexa - a yellow ring light means there's a notification. It used to mean a network disconnect.

Good news on the sunburn front, two of the three problem spots have melted away and the big one is oozing enough to merit a band-aid.

Checked Kaiser's site, flu shots are Thursday. I need to call about the pneumonia shot.

Dinner was a baked chicken leg on rice. Too heavy on the rosemary, but still delish. Mochi for dessert.

Still to be done tonight - change the laundry room litterbox, hang up all the clothes, refill the weekly pill boxes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser

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