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Up late, out of the house at 9:10, but somehow made it to work in record time. There was no stop and go, most of the ride was 40-70mph. Only used 1/4 battery.

Boss spent a lot of her day analyzing the crap STB results and put together a comprehensive bug report for the Europe minion who made the mistake of sending them to us even after she couldn't get them to work either. Boss made a polite comment that maybe that was not the best thing to do.

Meanwhile, a bug I'd filed against the automation test suite came back with an interesting analysis, and they asked me to resurrect the crap TV and load their (automation test app) debug software. Which I tried to do, but it complained it was the wrong version - which it was not. Will see tomorrow what they say about that.

So I spent lot of the day with 5 storm chasers, as many as 4 at a time, looking up details for them about a home for the elderly in PA which got hit by a tornado. Among other things. One of them was out of the storm area, just doing his afternoon drive home but the other 4 were getting seriously rained on. One guy parked facing a storm system which was rotating, and he was cheering it on to drop a funnel, but after 15 minutes or so it dissipated and he went in search of thunder. 3 hour time diff, so it was dark well before my quitting time.

Lunch was a mac and ground beef thing from Safeway, but not the house brand. Some new brand. It was pretty good and within the salt limits. Strawberries for dessert. And today I got to eat grapes for an afternoon snack.

Emailed Kaiser, they said come on up after my flu shot Thursday to get the pneumo one. Nurse said it's supposed to be free, but I don't think so with Medicare.

Home, traffic was super miserable - half an hour later than usual.

Nothing delivered, but there was a note in the park slot from the park owners urging me to sign a new lease. I will probably mail him back noting that I went to the office to do that Saturday but he had nobody there authorized to sign, and no copies available of the shorter term leases. They have only know about this time crunch forever.

The cat food dish was empty - I had reprogrammed it to only dole out a cup each time, 6am, 12 noon and 6pm. Both cats were yelling at me. Spot much louder than Spook. But it also made Spook a lot braver. Now it is programmed for 2 cups.

Dinner was chopped liver on rye with fried onions and a sliced HB egg. Mango chunks for dessert.

I watched PTI, checked email then took a lie-down. Spot curled up against my calf and went to sleep. He snores.

Been listening to Fung Fung Fung radio from Bangkok on TuneIn. Non-stop music every hour, every day. Mostly Thai pop songs. Tonight they were doing this thing where they would play a song sung by a man, and then the same song sung by a woman. Back in the 70s it was common for movies to have songs done like that back to back. There's an interesting linguistic challenge to that. Thai has gender-specific words for "me". Men say "pome" ผม and women say "dichahn" ดีฉัน. They don't scan and they don't rhyme, so what to do when the gender of the singer changes? Well, they revert to the ancient/archaic gender-free word, "chahn" ฉัน. They also pair that with the anchient word for you "ter" เธอ. Which isn't necessary since "khun" คุณ, the modern word, is non-gender. But it's like pairing thee, thy and thou in English.

Forgot to mention that last night, PTI was pre-empted by a baseball game.

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