January 8th, 2016


Flushed With Victory

Overslept, the alarm had been on for 15 minutes before I surfaced. Brushed my teeth - that new toothbrush was a good idea, the old one's motor was obviously dying by comparison. Same make & model. Skipped the shower, in case the plumber showed up early.

Which he did. Just after I took my Hgl (87, so no insulin) took my meds, and checked email.

8:15 for an 8 am appointment which was originally a 9-1 window. I am not complaining.

Anthony Juarez, owner of Northstar Drain Co, aka Northstar Plumbing & Drain, is an energetic young man, speaks American, and showed excellent troubleshooting skills.Collapse )
Toilet fixed, the next job was to figure out why the pressure in the sink faucet was so low. I figured it was pipes but it was the aerator - there were three screens instead of the usual one, and all three were clogged with hard water residue. Took that out and now I have massive pressure.

I totally forgot to ask him to look at the fridge/icemaker. He had warned me when I first called that this was a $300 job...

After they left I discovered that the new toothbrush was gone. In the process of plugging in their wetvac, Employee had knocked it into the garbage, and the garbage liner bag was used to carry the wax and the attached shit clog out to the garbage bin. No way was I using that toothbrush again.

They were done by 9, I had a Windows 10 WFH task to do, which took an hour, then packed some snacks and  drove to the office.

Wrote up what I'd found on Win10, and let Boss know I was in.

Ran some tests, left one last one for tomorrow.

Lunch was at KFC. Which became WTF for the afternoon. When I walked in, it looked like a dozen people were waiting for their order, off to the side of the registers. Looking again, one was in a KFC uniform, and a couple more had KFC name tags on street clothes. There was also a Big Cheese in a camel suit lecturing them.

It took a while to order because they have changed their signs and choices. What had been #1 was now #5, and #3 became #10. WTF?

For the whole time I was eating, Big Cheese was giving rah-rah to his peons. Basically a lesson in what not to do in front of customers.

Back to work, Automation Guy invited me to what he said was a demo of the latest automation tools. He said it was a very small group, so I said okay. Turned out to be a presentation to Engineering on what QA is doing for automation. Apparently Boss' Boss' Boss wants the same done for engineering. It was a full house, I had no reason to be there, but stuck around to be polite.

Automation Helper ran the show, and he did it the most boring way possible. The engineers wanted a demo but what they got was the entire history of QA automation in a monotone. By the time he got to the demo, engineers had derailed the show with questions like "where's the demo?" Boss' boss pointed out forcefully that Automation doesn't have enough equipment to even do what it needs to for QA, let alone expand to engineering.

After work, Costco with three items on my list: stuffed cabbage, Anthon Berg dark chocolate liquor bottle sets, eggs.

It took a long time to find the Berg, they had moved it from the holiday candy display to the row with the nuts. Added grapes and bleach to that. Almost passed up the bleach because it was 3 large jugs which will last more than a year. I had to clear a space in the laundry room for two of them, one jug fit where the last one had been.

Home, unloaded and unpacked everything, petted Spook, filled her treat bowl and sat down to PTI and then live TV. Caught a bunch of the San Francisco American Idol auditions. I am ecstatic to say they focused on the winners, and only showed losers if they sang well but didn't have the stage presence. I agreed with all but 2 of the wins, but the final auditioner was made of win, covered with win sauce, with a side of win. 15-year-old girl with the carriage of an 18-year-old. Her story was Mom was in the military overseas, and she was dedicating the audition to her. Tristan McIntosh had walked in with a guitar, but there was a grand piano, so she set down her guitar, sat down at the piano, and did this:

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe process & upload the Reno photos