January 12th, 2016


Championship Monday

Slept past the alarm, thanks to a 5 am low Hgl episode. Minor this time, only 110, but falling.
Got to work barely in time to check my machine before the weekly meeting
Mostly ad hoc testing today because so many things were broken.

My cousin in Nyak, NY called. My mom's cousin, actually. She's an artist, and had posted on FB that she needed an HTML expert to help her salvage a video. I had never spoken to her before, but like every other relative on that side, it was family at first word. There's a connection. It always amazes me. I don't get that from Dad's side. Anyhow, it turned out to be an easy fix, she was trying to play a Windows formatted USB drive on a Mac.  I suggested finding a friend with Windows, and that was the solution.

Lunch at Togo's. They reinstated #9 as the Monday daily deal, but raised the price for the deal to $6 and now chips cost extra. On my way I took another try at Costco, but vultures trapped me in a lane for a long time, as if there weren't 100 empty spots two rows away.

Home after work, watched the national championship game, Alabama vs Clemson. I was rooting for Clemson, and they put on a good show, but totally lost control in the 2nd half. They made a game of it, last-minute TD, but lousy onside kick and poor clock management doomed them.

Neither QB is, IMHO, NFL franchise material. Both teams owed a lot to special teams. There were some impressive passes. A guy named Howard scored at least two long pass TDs for Alabama. I figure he's NFL material. Clemson's QB, if he gets into the pros, will end up as a running back.

I think Stanford could have beaten either team. It would have been much more of a match than Iowa.

Got two webcams in the last two days. Configured them and installed one in the kitchen to replace the old model which can't upgrade to the latest software, and mounted the other by the front door, facing the TV. I'd had a cam there before, now I see why I took it down. It needs to be moved closer to the TV. I looked at the possibilities for putting a cam outside overlooking the carport, but decided not to for now.

Meanwhile I updated my web site with the new IP addresses and locations.

Forgot to watch PTI, blame Tivo's new GUI, which scrolls things up out of site, while including things I don't have access to, like hulu, below.

US Mint has the 2016 America The Beautiful quarters out already. They used to do this in June, then in March. I always buy a set for myself and for my youngest sister. I'll log in as soon as I remember my password.

Sunnyvale is doing Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson next season. Since I had never heard of it I bought the CD. I figured if I don't like it I can sell it to a cast member. Looks lie I'll be selling it. I don't know WTF they were thinking when they chose this piece of crap.

The Drowsy Chaperone is next on the list, I suspect is at least has music.

Plans for tomorrow:
Songwriter's meetup