January 13th, 2016


2'sDay running late

Got up feeling tired this morning. Spook brought her BB-8 toy into the bathroom to play catch with me while I brushed my teeth. New electric toothbrush is different than the one I replaced (the new one which the plumbers lost), even though I used Amazon's re-order feature. It has a red LED which flashes when it is being used. Very distracting, as it points at the mirror.

To work just before 10, thanks to long lights and slowpokes.

Not much work in the morning, I spent most of it doing paperwork. Lunch in the break room, I'd brought lox and brie and oreos and grapes. Unfortunately the brie was bad (use by date 3 months ago). Afternoon was productive, I chased down some fixed bugs and closed the test cases which had failed or been blocked because of them.

Left three cases which I don't know how to do, but will ask a team mate who seems to have done them on the previous machine.

Home briefly, then to Los Altos for the songwriters' meetup. I brought my old lyric book, but didn't find anything in there I had not done for them before, and which I could remember the tune for. Or wanted to perform. Once again three people played recordings of their instrumental production work, which is not what the group is supposed to be about, but the group is too polite to boot them. Group leader tried a splinter group with a strict "songs only" rule, but the person who hosted it wasn't able to invite us back, and finding a venue is tough. And that host also dropped out of the original group.

I am inspired to OCR my lyrics book, and record a piano track for a couple of the songs for future meetups.

Home, pulled the last Boston Market frozen dinner from the freezer. Need to go shopping, maybe tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
One more try for Costco card