January 17th, 2016


One loss, one win

The one thing I hate the most about sportscasters is their habit of lionizing certain players to the point of deification. Today we had Tom Brady, aka Patriots Christ, up against Alex Smith, who has mostly fallen from grace as a failed 49ers QB, but has found new life in Kansas City. I wanted them both to lose, but that not being possible I wanted Smith to win so he could lose in the next round. I fully expected that to happen, because the New England PR machine made it sound like Brady and all of his excellent supporting players were injured and probably not up for playing a full game. They lied. It was clear that the whole team was at as cl,ose to 100% as any team can be this late in the season, and they won handily. Smith, on the other hand, was channeling the Star Wars storm troopers, who rarely hit anything they aim at. Toward the end of the game he got some of his aim back, but it was too little too late. And his coach mismanaged the clock rather badly.

The other deity on the day's programme was Aaron Rogers, of Green Bay, Cheesehead. He was up against a fairly new demi-god, Carson Palmer of Arizona. Again, the GB PR team made it sound like everyone on the Packers was an outpatient, while the Cardinals were all at their peak. For most of the game, AZ was solidly better, and ahead, but they made some key mistakes, including an interception in the end zone, which allowed GB to tie the game on a Mail Harry at the buzzer. I turned the game off at that point and watched an episode of Elementary to get my Tivo to the end of OT. Checked the score on my phone app, saw that AZ had pulled it out, so I watched the very short overtime period, which was a study in Getting It Done. Palmer was brilliant, so were the play calls, and so was IMHO the team's best runner/receiver Fitzgerald, who had been stiffed for most of the game. Glad to see Rogers lose to a QB who did a precision 2-minute drill, as opposed to the sloppy play which forced the OT.

That took up most of the day. I took time out to sit on the porch and watch a hummingbird, and harvest some fallen Thai lime leaves.

Also found my OCR program, and pointed it at the first scanned lyrics, but it wasn't nearly as accurate as the free one. Omnipage can make a Word doc,  Leadtools can only make a text file. Omni does batch, Leadtools is one at a time. My originals are in such a condition that the OCRed files will need some editing. My copy of Omni is several years old, there's a new version 2 notches up from it, but it's $99.

While I was watching the games, I had the laptop out, did some updates, ordered two more pairs of jeans similar to the ones I'm wearing today. There was something else I was going to order but I forgot what it was. Maybe I was just supposed to check to see if Kaiser had mailed my syringes. Usually by now they would have sent email and an annoying robocall. I checked, it went out today. So I'll see it Tuesday at the earliest, since Monday is some dead person's birthday.

I made a wonderful lunch. Took three small lean beef patties out of the fridge where they had been defrosting. Peeled and sliced a head of garlic, peeled and slice half an onion, made two more slices and chopped those. Got out my newest non-stick frying pan, added some olive oil, turned on the gas to about #2, dumped the garlic & onions and half a tub of sliced mushrooms in, and sauteed that for a long time. Poured that into a bowl, and put the patties in their place, and after both sides had been browned, poured the sautee over them. Raised the heat to about #4, flipped them twice, then poured out the excess oil, lined a pplate with paper towels, and dumped it all on the plate. Patted down everything with another paper towel, and then rolled everything onto the plate, mostly oil-free.

It was yummy. I had wanted to slice a bit of sourdough baguette, but it was too stale.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the weather. If it is sunny, try Ardenwood again for monarch photos
Otherwise, stay home and watch football. Or maybe go to a sports bar and watch the Seahawks break the hearts of all the 12s. Because as much as I want them to be in another Superbowl, I don't think they are a match for the Panthers. But I will probably wear my jersey, and maybe my jacket too. I don't have the hat anymore, no idea where that went.
And maybe OCR all the lyrics.