January 25th, 2016


Football Day

Spook tried three times to meow me out of bed this morning, but I slept till 11, because I could.

Waited for the first football game to be well under way before starting to watch the Tivo recording. CBS video quality was not so good today, I kept checking to see if it was 720p, but no, 1080i. Did not look it.

After halftime, I went to the new sports bar& grill on Duane, which used to be a pizza place. Basically they put up 3 flatscreens on each wall, put in better lighting, cleaned the place up and made it more open, hired a very customer-centric wait staff, and the manager (owner?) walked around making sure everyone had what they wanted when they wanted it. I had the KO fries - home made curly fries with melted cheese sauce and bacon bits. Yummy.

When I arrived, most of the customers were Denver fans, but by the end of the game it was even. When the game was over, everyone applauded - it was a good game. The couple in front of me were in Raiders jerseys, in the parking lot I saw a Seahawks one. I have both, but decided on a Hawaiian shirt. Because it has a pocket, and I like to not carry my cell phone in my hand.

The game ran long, and as it was ending, a bunch of red jerseys showed up. Arizona fans in for the 2nd game.

I went home, which should have been just a mile and a half on the other side of the freeway, but a fire truck was blocking the way so I took the scenic route home.

Refilled the two hummingbird feeders, watered the plants on the porch. Kept my jacket & hat on, grabbed a diet Coke and sat on the porch and watched a pair of hummingbirds fighting and feeding.

Almost as the game was ending, I went inside and turned on the Tivo. Panthers did what I expected, walked all over the Cardinals. Cam Newton is the PT Barnum of NFL quarterbacks this year, but IMHO when you can jump 5 yards over a pile of defenders and break the plane of the goal line with the ball, you can celebrate as much as you want. He did something like that more than once. His defense & special teams also played well.

Heated up the leftover turkey stew, poured it over a slice of whole wheat bread, and sat down to see the new XFiles. But what Tivo recorded was half an hour of crap following the football game, and only half the how-come-he-looks-so-good Mulder and OMG-how-much-she-has-aged Scully**. So I reset Tivo to grab reruns as well as first runs. And will look for the episode online.

**Reminded me of Star Wars 7

Took out the garbage, there were many boxes to flatten and bundle.  

Decided to not watch Galavant yet. I need to get to bed like 10 minutes ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
no BASFA, because
Attend the Sunnyvale planning commission meeting about the low income housing going up around the corner. It means bulldozing some businesses, but they don't say which ones. I want the housing, but I want to verbally slap them upside the head for not requiring supporting services, like a bank or CU branch, a supermarket, restaurants, park and ride for light rail.