January 29th, 2016


How did it get to be Thursday already?

This is the day of the week I start dreading taking the garbage out on Sunday night. Go figure.

At work a wee bit early again. I had made my bed, Spook did not sleep with me, but she showed up when the alarm went off, hopped on the bed and watched me brush my teeth.

Work was productive, got some more test cases assigned to me and a couple went to the team lead. Verified one bug was fixed. 

The tests were of the "push the button and wait 10 minutes" variety.  In the breaks I looked into plug-in hybrids. Until yesterday, the Chevy Volt was at the top of the list, but looking more closely at my neighbor's and a couple in the parking lots at work and lunch, there was a show-stopper. They have the same obstructed rear window design as the Prius. Boo. Hiss.

And that pretty much leaves the Ford C-max energi as the only plug-in hybrid which is the same size or smaller than the Prius, has an unobstructed rear and side view, and isn't German.

So I did the get a quote thing online with my local Ford dealership for a Kona Blue, sand color interior C-max Energi. Got a phone call from someone named Ah'med who said he was calling about my inquiry about a Fiesta. FAIL.  Shortly later, their internet salesperson emailed about a black C-Max Hybrid with black interior. FAIL. Last year when I was looking to buy a car, I remember Ah'med trying to sell me on a Ford by playing a video of some hotshot NASCAR driver doing donuts and sliders and other kamakazi moves in a small stock car, maybe a Fiesta or a Fusion. I won't be going back there.

Frontier Ford is a joke. That's the one closest to where I work. Fremont Ford has all 1-star reviews on Yelp, except for one-liner fake 5-star reviews.

DGDG owns Capitol Ford, and I am amused that Yelp is evenly divided between 1-star and 5-star reviews, with almost none in between. And those are about both service and sales. The worst ones are about service not following up. I'll probably go there this weekend just to see for myself.

Lunchtime was Togo's on Great America Parkway. The Superbowl rush has already hit that tiny row of eateries, even at 1 pm there was a line. Levi's Stadium is a mile away. There's also a Togo's right across the street from the stadium, but after this week the only way to get to it will be on light rail, and on Sunday it will require a special superbowl light rail ticket.

Got email from our local IT guy asking me what I'd downloaded that triggered a malware alarm. I read the alarm, and it had nothing to do with a download, it had the IP address of a web site. When I emailed him back about that, he insisted it was a download and thought the time stamp on the notice was wrong. But it probably was right, because it was about the same time I got a blocked page message on my C-max hunt.

Did some research on gnats. Ever since I bought the Venus fly traps, there has been a minor invasion of gnats in the house. Turns out this was no coincidence, many people were reporting this, it seems gnats are immune to the fly traps, and they propagate in the soil in which fly traps are grown. On the same pages it was revealed that butterwort and sundews were good gnat eaters, so I ordered those from a carnivorous plant place in Marin.

Home, tried to take a nap but it didn't work, so I unloaded the dryer and hung up my shirts, and put the whites in the dryer. Maybe I'll take those out tomorrow and put them away.

Watched two episodes of PTI and one of the Graham Norton Show. I love his producers, they get the most interesting combinations of guests. Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Hugh Laurie and Sir David Attenborough. And some chubby pink-haired, nose studded singer. And a BBC actress I almost recognized.

Delivered was another set of 4 containers of treats for Spook. She eats them like they are regular food, barely touches what's in the tower.

Watched the latest Galavant. By far the musically least impressive one so far. There was one highlight, where they did a rip-off take-off of You're the one that I want from Grease. It almost worked.

Plans for tomorrow:

No Fries Today

Went with the usual suspects to Sushi Ave for lunch, which is in the same strip as the Knockout bar & grill. One of the guys still had the card in his wallet for free KO Fries, but the fellow whose turn it was to choose the place wanted Asian food. I could have gone either way. Had the bento box with salmon teriyaki and sashimi. Also included was a section of tempura (one shrimp, several alleged vegetables), salad with wasabi dressing, gyoza (1) a slice of orange, rice and miso soup.

Had a horrible night. Tried to get to bed at a reasonable time, 11:30, but could not sleep. At 2:30 I gave up, turned the light back on, went to the fridge and got some slices of American cheese, and brought that back to bed, and turned on KNBR. Spook followed me, laying down on the bed at my feet. She just stared and sometimes meowed.

Finally got some sleep, woke at 5:30-ish, pit stop, back in bed, but in fits and starts. Thought about Nyquil, but too late to take drugs. Up with the alarm,then turned off the bedroom light and muted the radio, and did not get up again till 9. Got to work at 10, all the donuts were gone, but I got a muffin.

Lots of work before lunch, and some after, but I ran out of test cases. New build arrived a day late, just as I was starting my weekly report. The main bug I was hoping was fixed ended up deleting my database, so Monday I'll beat on it some more to see if it is the machine or something I did wrong.

Listening to KCEA, which is run out of a local high school, and only plays 40's and older music. Used to be students were the DJs, and they also did live radio plays, but the guy in charge automated it a few years ago. Bummer. Good music, though.

Well, I've finally had it with the two Logitech internet radios. They can get stations from anywhere, but so can my phone and tablet. But all the commercial stations have got greedy and insert the same ads at the start of the stream, and in the case of CNN, it's some asinine Geico ad, and for KNBR it's System Pavers, among others, that one features the jarring voice of some foreigner, either cockney or aussie. Also, they don't stream the live ball games. KLIV goes silent during commercials whcih have not paid the internet fee, or they play a loop of alleged music. I ordered regular clock radios to take their place. I'll miss knowing they show the correct time, but not much else. 

Got an almost reasonable bid on eBay for one of the laptops, but the guy is registered in Guyana, so not, I'm not selling to him. My auction comments are clear that I only sell to people registered in the USA.  Also got a query on the other laptop, asking what video card it has. It doesn't have a card, just a chip, and that info is in the listing. I told him to read the listing. And get off my lawn.

Did some more car research during the gaps in testing. C-Max energi addresses all the issues I have with the Prius, and the trade-offs are things I can live with, I think. The decider will be to sit in one. My research led me to the Honda Accord plug-in, but it's too big. One other down side of the Chevy Volt is it is too low to the ground. My neighbor always hits the driveway when his wheels go into the culvert.

Watched PTI and Elementary. The latter is getting a bit too soapy. Also watched what has been the worst episode of Supergirl ever. Horrible writing, half of it was shot in the dark. Way too much violence in this series. Fisticuffs galore. Supergirl should be smarter than that.

Dinner was Boston Market salisbury steak. Not bad. Not good either. Bananas, walnuts & honey for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the rent check - February Fools Day is Monday
Noon lunch at Amarin in MV with the "let's speak Thai" meetup. I figure my Thai is about average for this group
Capitol Ford
Move the officecam to the wall at my right, so I can see if Spook is in her cat bed under the table, as well as the cat tree/window. Currently it's above the table.
Maybe tune in on Conflikt if they are strreaming anything. I miss Seattle and the great group opf filkers it attracts, but not the horrible venue.