February 2nd, 2016


Car Maint Day

Made it to my 9 am appointment at Toyota 10 minutes early. Only 2 cars ahead of me. Routine maintenance, an all-caps message appeared on the display saying MAINTENANCE REQUIRED SOON. It took maybe 7 minutes to get checked in. Since it had rained on the way, and was also chilly and windy, I oted to wait for the car instead of hopping on a bus and going elsewhere for the 90-120 minutes they said it would take. I read for most of that, The Day of the Triffids. Very much like his Village of the Damned as far as starting with a mostly harmless event and building it little by little into something more threatening. And using a character with a unique view of the lay of the land as narrator.

Car was done at about 10:45, but it took 10 minutes to find it and get it to where I was waiting. It was free, though.

Rain had stopped, it was still chilly and windy, but the sun was out and it looked like it would be clear for a while, so I drove a few blocks to the car wash. The detail place was closed, so I just had the coupon special. Not a lot of customers, but also not a lot of workers. It took a while.

Thought about having a massage (there's a place across from the car wash) but decided not to spend the $$, and went home. Glad I did, because as I was chatting with neighbor Lee, the USPS truckette came by, and there was a huge padded envelope for me. It was my insulin order from Kaiser, which was wrapped in a foam pad with several cold packs. Very happy that they now deliver insulin. It saves me a lot of waiting in line, and a lot of waiting for the pharmacy clerk to find my very large order, which often does not fit in the small fridge they have there and needs to be brought out of the back caves.

My plan was to WFH and take two required bullshit training courses, but when I tried to remote desktop, the training site refused to let me in, said I was an "intruder". So I did what little monitoring of email and my test machine as was on my to-do list, and then fired up turbo tax and did as much of my taxes as I could. Have to wait two weeks for Scottrade to make my data available. One thing that pissed me off is the sales tax on the Prius was not enough to lower my taxes at all. The standard deduction for CA income tax was larger. Our genius Congress has decided we can only claim one or the other, which is insane.

It looks like I'll get a week's take-home in Fed refund, but not enough to buy dinner for 2 from CA.

Watched PTI over a lunch of sausages on hot dog buns with sauerkraut and mustard. After signing off from work, watched  Supergirl and XFiles, the latter over a light dinner of beef & multigrains from frozen. Lunch dessert was black forest cake, dinner dessert was banana, mango and walnuts.

The late evening project is re-doing my ipod using an alternative to iTunes called Monkey Media. I paid for the pro version, since it claims to automatically harvest album covers. Turns out it's a manual process, and sometimes the search algorithm sucks big ones. Like when it gave me the Bat Out Of Hell cover for a Teresa Teng album. But mostly it works.

I still need to figure out how to get playlists to transfer from the PC to the ipod. It's not as seamless as iTunes.

In horticultural news, eBay, of all places, turned out to be a source of cattalaya orchids, so I ordered a pair from FL.

Ordered checks from BofA because the mock up they mailed me was missing stuff. Like where in the bottom line to put the check #, and the fractional number, which varies by geography.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take those classes
Tease the boss about his veiled announcement about taking the morning off for escrow, which means he is finally moving out of the flood zone. Which is funnier, because his house in Thailand is also in a flood zone. The diff being the CA house probably won't have crocodile hazards.