March 15th, 2016


Too Little, Late, but maybe not too late

Changed the sheets on the bed, too many little spots of blood from Spook-inflicted wounds. She has been too playful lately, especially when she thinks I'm about to roll over on her. Also, they have started to stretch enough to pop off the corners of the mattress.

Up by 10, got to Lowe's at 11:30, it took half an hour to buy a toilet. The first 20 minutes of that was waiting for a new hire to find a staffer who knew how to enter the fairly complex order (purchase/delivery/installation), and for that staffer to punt the job back to him. Lucky for me, Mike V is a quick study, but really, Lowe's, your staff need to put the customer first, not on the job training. I'm still waiting to hear from the installers who were supposed to call by the end of the business day to schedule.

Home, plugged the car back in (it only needed 1/4 of a charge - Lowe's is only 2 miles away). Had beef pot pi for lunch

Someone posted the usual Albert Einstein's birthday post on FB, but he was not born on pi day, as he was born in Europe, where the month comes after the day, and since there are only 12 months there is no 14th month for a day to be the third of.  

I posted the fact he was not born on pi day, but not the reason. There has not been a response. Maybe I need a graphic. Can you wait while I build one?

There. Wasn't that worth waiting for?

2 pm was my phone appointment, I called in to the career counselor which the former company is paying for. She had some unbelievable excuse for us not getting any of the promised mailings, or even a chance to chat with her for more than 3 weeks after the initial promises. And she's a last minute contractor -
not one of their full time personnel -- she made it clear that she works from phone, and any in-person meetings at the company's local site in the Techmart building she bills as travel.

She thinks I need a ton of recommendations on LinkedIn.  I only have one. I don't think she is right about that for the kind of work I do. She also thought it would be good to get my annual reviews from the former company, but there was only one since they took over, and it was fairly bland. We never got the chance to finish the 2015 one.

She did get me logged into their portal, and scheduled for a class a week from Wednesday, the theory being we will meet after that class. The portal requires setting an impossible to remember password. And the calendar of classes display is only readable a day at a time, weekly and monthly the descriptions are cut off. I offered to teach their web designed basic HTML.

Most of this help would have been much more useful three weeks ago. She said I only get 4 hours of her time, so 3.5 left now.

After the call, car fully charged again, I went to Big 5 Sports and bought a few trout fishing items. They didn't have any creels, so I'll bring a few gallon zip lock bags with me instead. Mostly got artificial bait, one jar of salmon eggs, a pair of lures, a pack of weights and another of swivels, bobbers, and some one-egg hooks which look too small to catch a legal fish. I have better sized hooks from my last Chabot outing.

Home, enjoyed the last of the nice weather on the front porch, watching hummingbirds slurping from real flowers across the street and ignoring my feeders. Which is as it should be. I saw one feeding from my blue salvia flowers by the carport the other day. I took a tour of my plants, many poppies have bloomed, some of the bee's friends as well (but too cold yet for bees), and pulled some dandelions from the rose garden. Delicate work, game of thorns.

Back inside, checked email, there was a job at Akamai I can do, applied for that. Closed my free account at a place called The Ladders because they keep sending me email telling me how to get support, because their email parser is too stupid to know my automatic response from real email. And none of the jobs they send are even close to what I'm looking for.

Dinner was stuffed cabbage and too many thin mints. And ice cream.

Email from my doctor, asking me to re-take the potassium blood test, and wanting to add a diuretic to my med cocktail. I'll do the test Friday, when I go to radiology (it was originally scheduled for a week from Wednesday, but I changed it to be able to take the jobs class). She said the potassium reading may be a side effect of the injections I give myself. Something called blood shearing. Could be, my injection sites have gotten harder over time. 

Phoned my Seattle area sister and chatted for a bit. Her husband, who is about my age, has become a rather good, highly competitive bicycle racer. Not bad for a man who was given 6 months to live about 30 years ago. He did two races this weekend, came in 17th out of 40 on the first one. Meanwhile, she is raising bees in the back yard, and surviving retirement.

Sat down with my tackle box and the assorted bought things, and arranged them all. Made a couple of baloney sandwiches, those are in plastic bags in the fridge with a banana, a hard boiled egg, some string cheese. My dinosaur pack is loaded with the fishing gear, rod & reel included, oreos, a water bottle.

Plans for tomorrow:
Head for Lake Chabot at about 10-10:30.
Do some fishing