March 23rd, 2016


Okay, that was boring

I was expecting the career development class to be in a classroom setting, and attended by mostly former co-workers. But it was in a small rented conference room, 12 people in a space designed for 8. Only two others were from my building, three were from a biotech company, one from a random manufacturing plant and the rest from the last company mine bought. The presenter was personable, and articulate, but he spoke for an hour before starting the actual course, and he could get stuck on one slide for 20 minutes. He ran an hour over the scheduled time, and by then we were all completely bored, except for the two who had to leave on time. They were pretty bored when they left too.

The slides were to vomit from. Horrible layouts, each section created by a different cretin, it looked like.

They had made no effort to bring together clients with similar backgrounds. I think I was the only one in the room who had been laid off before, there was one guy who got the shaft after 30 years as a biotech engineer. He looked completely devastated. Speaking of him, there was a real Twilight Zone moment. Tim, the leader, had told us to keep out phones on, ringtones at full volume, with the totally unreal reason that he didn't want us to miss a job offer. Shortly after that, my phone rang, it was a New Jersey number (aka some idiot foreigner with an automation or programming job) so I let it go to voicemail. Checked my email, and it turned out the call was from a Chinese recruiter, looking for a biomedical engineer to work for Pfizer in S. San Francisco. I handed my phone over to the 30-year guy so he could forward the email to himself.

Lunch not only wasn't provided, we were not given enough time to go anywhere to eat. 45 minutes? Gag me. It takes 15 just to park. So I bought some chips and a coke at the hotel gift shop next door. I wanted to have a snack at the bar, but as soon as I walked in all the waitresses disappeared.

Any who, the class was so bad and ran so long I didn't fill in the survey. I took it with me.

After lunch he gave us each a copy of the sign-in sheet - names, email & phone numbers, but since none of us have anything in common it's useless. He tried to make it sound like we had achieved our goal of networking with 5 new people every day, but that's a load of bullshit.

I'm going to give it a day before I decide for sure to tell my counselor I'm done. There is no advice the class materials gave which I have not already applied, except for their ludicrous marketing suggestions.

Home, took up LinkedIn on their free Pro trial. Applied for some jobs I found there. One actually sounded interesting. I also looked up some people I'd worked with at Microsoft and Cisco, knowing that would trigger something on their pages.

And in the mundane world at home, I ordered kitty litter refills and two pairs of suspenders (two of my favorites are losing their grip).

Dinner while watching The Magicians was sourdough baguette slices with soft cheese spreads & the rest of the coke from lunch.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have no idea. Maybe a trip to the ocean.