April 8th, 2016


But I Still Have a major headache

Hardly slept at all last night. Two things were keeping me awake:
1. My Discover card balance appeared to be $2k higher than what was showing in Quicken. I download my transactions nightly, so this meant either someone was ripping me off or I had failed to account for way lots more interest charges than I expected.
2. Very nervous about the results of recent medical tests, a specialist was going to do a phone consult this afternoon, and I expected to hear Dire News™ based on my vast medical knowledge.

At about 3:30 am I could take it no longer, got out of bed, fired up the PC, checked my Discover account online and filtered Quicken for items which had not cleared, and removed them. Then did the math, and found the amount was less than $700, which means those items actually had cleared. While I was online I went to CalJobs and fixed the "comprehensive" resume, which had incorrectly parsed my bullet points as my first three employers, left out the names of three others, and had me graduating from both the UW and Northgate State this month.

Back to bed, still had the medical issue on my mind. The new feather pillows helped a lot. Not having the microfiber sheets/pillowcases on did not.

Up at 5, Spook was on the bed. I had not heard/felt her jump up there. She meeped at me, as I went to turn off the fan and make a pit stop.

Alarm went off at 7:30, now it turns on KGO, which has taken a dive for the right. I used to tune into 560, whatever station that is, and hear Armstrong & Getty. I love their bantering style and the lighthearted presentation, but mostly I don't agree with them.

Turned it off, turned off the lights and slept till 8:30.

Finally dragged myself out of bed, literally.  After meds (Hgl was about 81 again) I grabbed a banana and some walnuts, and parked myself at the PC for the morning job hunt. There was actually a pair of jobs worth applying for.

Since I was running early, I went to the Sunnyvale NOVA office, which EDD told us about, and the three receptionists helped me apply and set up an appointment for too early on Monday morning for ornamentation. They all three were amazingly efficient, knowledgeable and hard to believe they are working for a government funded non-profit. Floored me when they asked if I had attended the EDD workshop there this morning. The Menlo Park EDD guys told me there wasn't a workshop at NOVA. Grrrr.

Home, drank a lot of water, admired the roses for a bit, did some reading and mindless channel surfing, waiting for the doctor to call. 15 minutes late, but they had said she was doing the calls between office visits, so not unexpected.

Without going into TMI, she set my mind at ease about the seriousness of the symptoms & test results from Monday. Basically that it's not the end stage diabetes/hypertension-caused breakdown of my anatomy which I feared. She actually laughed as she pointed out the test results I had ignored, which showed all the major things are working just fine.

Sigh of relief.

So I phoned Janice and left voicemail that if she needed me to come over and undo the damage she had done to her PC backup setup when she took my advice and connected a second power strip to the wall, removing the overloaded 3-fer plug extender. I will bet real cash dollars she didn't plug in the backup drive.

But she didn't call, so I phoned my Baltimore sister, who had the actual life-threatening adventure I was fearing, back when she was pregnant. And she is a sports nut, so I told her about the MLB streaming media job I didn't get. She and hubby had just returned from a week of watching spring training in FL.

Nap time. Maybe 5 pm. Fell asleep for 90 minutes or so, thought about dinner but was down to my last frozen meal, so I pointed the car at the megaSafeway the other side of Levi's Stadium, and started off on an expensive foot by buying some Dungeness crab. And lots of frozen dinners, and some fruit, and when I saw Purina One on the shelf for about 1/3 of the price I had just paid online, I bought a small bag of it.

Home, unpacked all the things, set up the strawberries to soak in water+vinegar, took Spook's food tower, emptied out the loser (Wellness brand) food, thoroughly cleaned the tower (had not done this in about a year), filled it 1/3 of the way with Purina One, and as soon as I set it at her food place, Spook commenced gobbling it down like she had not eaten in a week. Which might be close to the truth.

Reheated some of the slow cooked veggies from the corned beef dinner a while ago, took one of the two crabs out and dismembered it, cleaned it and took that and a glass of water to the recliner, and ate. Something was missing. Off to the fridge to melt some margarine. Yeah, that helped.

Spook seemed more interested than usual in my meal, so I dropped a piece of crab in front of her. As soon as I looked the other way it was gone. Repeated that one more time.

After I got up, there was a small array of crab (mostly shell) on the floor. Spook started chomping on all of it, so I got out the vacuum (shell is a choking hazard). In her haste to escape the monster, she knocked over one of the orchids, which I did not notice till after I'd put the vacuum back. So round 2. I had been meaning to re-plant that orchid anyway - Spook likes to bat it around.

In the mail was my Medicare Parts B&D bill, which had a shockingly high price, until I saw it was for 6 months and was not due till the 25th. I'll have to phone them tomorrow to set up auto-pay.

One other thing, despite all the driving today, there was still some charge left in the battery at the end of the day.

Plans for tomorrow:
Have a banana & some walnuts for breakfast
Drink a lot of water
Head for the hospital at noon for my 1 pm CT scan
It may rain. Play the rest of the day by ear. I'll pack my laptop.

Well, That Was More Fun Than I Thought It Would Be

I don't even remember what I did this morning, except took most of my meds (had to leave out Metformin), shot up way less insulin than usual (because my Hgl was 94 and I was not going to have lunch today), and I guess I spent some time online looking for work, and not finding any.

Somehow I just cannot wait until it is really time to leave for a medical appointment. Once again I was more than an hour early, but even though it was cloudy and little muggy, it was still nice enough to sit on a bench outside the hospital and people-watch. I was rewarded by people carrying bags of oranges. A male nurse went by with a wheelchair loaded with four or more bags of oranges. Huge naval oranges. Some people were carrying fresh vegetables. All of them were heading from the hospital to the parking garage.

But best of all, a stunning young woman in full Disney princess (Esmerelda) costume, makeup & wig paraded down the sidewalk with a fatherly non-Disney looking chaperon, kneeling down to hand out candy and give hugs to children.

Half an hour before show time, I got in line for the radiology department check-in, same place I had been Tuesday. This time for a CT scan.

Unlike the ultrasound, the CT people were running late, but not by much. I think I actually got to the machine half an hour after the appointment time. A nurse poked an IV lead into my arm, shot in some saline, and sent me back to wait on a chair in the hall. A male tech about 55 or so collected me, arranged me on the table, explained concisely what was about to happen, and over the course of the next half hour I was rolled in and out of the donut from the neck down, first a la carte and then a couple of times with a clear iodine-based liquid. Not really a dye, more something which clings to certain things inside me, enhancing the contrast. Kind of like heat in infrared photography.

The last run was conducted by a younger man, who was also good but all he had to do was one pass and then pull out the IV.

They had me drinking water all week, and I was allowed to pee for the first time in hours after the scan.

When I got out, the farmer's market had folded for the day. Pissed me off, because it used to be open till 3:30, but now it's done at 1:30. Used to be on Thursdays, too, come to think of it.

Thought about grabbing lunch somewhere nearby, but decided that with all th groceries I bought yesterday, that would be silly. And traffic was about to get bad.

On the way home I had to pee again, and I also wanted to get something at Fry's. And I had to pee again. So I stopped off there, plugged the car into the charger, and just as I was plugging in a Tesla pulled up wanting to use the charger. Too bad. Tesla has tons of other chargers, use them, dude. Went inside just as Tesla Guy was discovering that the charger, which has two connectors, only allows one to be used at a time.

Used the restroom. Bought a webcam for the laptop, now that recruiters are wanting to do Skype interviews, and a USB hub because the laptop only has one free port.

Home, made lunch (clam chowder on sourdough bread. peanut butter for dessert). Was feeling completely whacked, tried to doze in the recliner, but finally
bit the bullet, stripped the sweat-producing sheets and pillowcases off and put on one of the microfiber sets. Spook helped, as usual, by burrowing under the sheets as I tried to secure them to the bed.

My next Goodwill trip I think will include my non-microfiber sheet sets.

Laid down and got about an hour's nap before the phone rang. It was Monday's doctor with the news that they found a couple of tiny kidney stones, and there was one spot they could not interpret. I have been through that routine before - Palo Alto Medical thought there was something like that in a heart ultrasound, and convinced me to have an intrusive procedure to look with an arthroscope. There was nothing there, and I was out $5k.

The kidney stones are too small to worry about, but they may have caused the symptoms. The plan is to have another lab test Monday to see if I can get back on Metformin, and a week from Monday they will do an in-office visit inside my bladder. I expect sometime between that and Monday the urologist will call to follow up on what she thinks my Mystery Spot™ is.

Text from Automation Guy. He starts at Amazon's Alexa unit Monday. It's near where I live, we'll do lunch sometime next week.

Dinner was one of the Marie Calendar meals. Way too many potato chunks, no real vegetables. Unless mac and cheese is a vegetable. Canteloupe for dessert. And some 82% Scharffen-Berger chocolate.

And I'm still drinking a lot of water.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe fly the copter. Unless it rains. Then maybe I'll hang out at  coffee shop.
Rent at Sunnyvale players. At least 4 5 people in it I have shared a stage with. Two from Little Shop of Horrors, one  two from Anything Goes and one from Brigadoon.