May 8th, 2016


Still Coughing

Fitful night. Up at 5 am to make tea. Explored the Roku a little. Back to bed half an hour later.

My brain told me to stay in bed, only get up to make tea or chicken soup and for meds.

But when 9 am rolled around, impatience got the better of me, and I was at the PC checking FB and choosing channels to add to the Roku.

Compromised a bit, put on a T-shirt and undies but no pants or socks. Had my meds and made chicken soup for breakfast. I had worn dress pants for yesterday's doings, changed those for jeans. Probably will wear the dress pants again on Tuesday if I go to the SSF interview.

Took it easy for the most part, but around 2 or 3 grabbed the garden stakes I'd bought yesterday and the ties which were in a kitchen drawer, and tied the bee's friend plants to stakes, which got them off the ground and made the flowers more accessible to the bees. Bumble bees were on the plants as I did this, they didn't bother me at all. They mostly relocated to the poppies and the roses.

Also added a stake to the smaller Thai lime bush on the porch, mostly so a branch can grow into it. This stake has a loop on the end.

Finally, grabbed a couple of mini trellises and inserted them into the bean planter, and tied each bean stalk to one of the vertical bars. This also meant removing the tomato cage which had been in there (the grid was too wide for the little bean plants) and repositioned it around the biggest tomato plant. And moved the tomato trellis over to behind the 2nd biggest.

That was a lot of work for me in my frail condition, and the coughing ensued.

Sat in the rocker on the porch until the wind blew the umbrella around to where it was not blocking the sun. Stowed it, wet inside, and channel surfed. Tried Roku, but there wasn't much on for free, switched to the Tivo. I'd already played all the recorded shows, but found some mindless entertainment among the 99 HD channels. Actually, I have 110, but I keep forgetting the ones above 799. 810 is BBC America, which mostly plays old Star Trek episodes. As if that's the kind of British entertainment Americans want to see.

Drove to MV, had a half-priced mocha frapp and chatted with Janice. For mother's day (she is not a mom) one of her friends had her take the kids. It apparently was not much fun.

Home, two hours of talking really sent the cough into higher gear, so I called the advice nurse, who said it's a virus, it will probably hang on another week, and he sent me a canned message for the occasion which is actually well-written and very concise, which suggests Robitussin DM for the cough, Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the fever and lots of water and sleep. So I took the first two, have been drinking a lot of water, and will try to get some sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
More rest
Maybe fire up the TV in the bedroom, and raise the bed frame accordingly
Defrost more chicken soup
3 pm phone interview
Depending on the results, either confirm or cancel Tuesday's recruiter meeting
Take in the garbage bins of my neighbor doesn't do it do it for me.