May 22nd, 2016


More Pear Slices

This afternoon was Part B
Brain in a Vat - Daughter has locked herself in her room, with a serious philosophy addiction. Her parents try calling her to dinner, she refuses. The dialog is hilarious, as her mother engages in a battle of wits.

It Begins with Goodbye - a recent widower is pressured by his daughter to go to a volunteer grief counselor, but he is in total denial and has also uncovered some inconvenient truths about the counselor. 15 of the most awkward minutes of the afternoon.

Double or Nothing - The yoga teacher's ex is out of rehab for his gambling addiction, and his visit stirs up all the Old Feelings™ again. Very difficult to watch.

In the Hoky Doky Mojo of West Millbrae - needs a better title. I would suggest Love: When You Least Expect It. A young couple's plans are derailed when his single mom and her widowed dad fall in love at first sight. Very funny, but I would have preferred a happier ending.

Many Winters - Again, a horribly non-descriptive title. By the same author as the previous one. Winter has nothing to do with it. A young woman is devastated by the tragic death of one of her sons, her grandmother arrives from Cleveland to kick her out of bed and take care of the other son. And ends up sharing her almost identical tragedy of 50 years ago. It needs an ending.

Not All That Glimmers is Gold - the quote is "all that glimmers is not gold", and the play is about as confusing as the title. After three scenes and a lot of needless dialog, we discover that the young man whom the young woman was harassing at the coffee shop thinks he has the ability to know when someone is about to die. Or never be seen by him again. Or something. It needs an ending.

Therapy - When a hyper, obviously off his rocker patient arrives on Monday for a Tuesday therapy appointment, we discover he is actually the focus of a reality TV show. The 4th wall is smashed to pieces, but the audience is not invited to be part of the show as we should have been. Needs an APPLAUSE sign.

This set of plays was not, IMHO as good as the first set, but still worth full price. And even more amazing because the same 7 players were the whole cast for all 14 plays.
Coffee with Janice after, she was on Whidbey Island with friends last week. And saw Seattle's ferris wheel for the first time.

Home, dinner was the remaining two stuffed cabbages and some marinated artichoke hearts. Blueberries & grapes for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual job stuff
1 pm training counselor appointment at NOVA
Prolific Oven
Maybe hack some portals.