June 16th, 2016


Midnight, not a sound from the pavement

The windows are closed so I wouldn't hear it if there was a sound.

Tonight's python class was mostly content-free in that 90% of the new commands  worked the same as the ones we went through last week. Kind of like if one day you get taught a piece on a trumpet and the next day you're taught the same piece on a baritone horn. Not even a French horn, because that's played left-handed and backwards. The good news is we went over all the homework to date, with him explaining line by line what is happening in the program, with programs suggested by class members. I was able to contribute the best answer to one of those. The high school kid participated a lot, and he had correct answers, but he usually took the long way around to get to the answer. Not what they call "elegant" code.

Spook has been very vocal all day. Yesterday UPS delivered a new toy for her, she loves playing with it. It's a variation of one of her favorite livingroom item. Combination scratching post, platform and long hemp-wound rods with cloth-encased ping pong balls on an elastic cord. She loves to scratch her face on the ends of the rods, and attacks the balls with tooth & claw. And gets whacked when the elastic snaps back.

Lunch was a small Dungeness crab, and Spook ate every piece I dropped on the floor in front of her. She won't take it from my hand, but she will lick it on a fork (that did not seem to be a wise plan, though). 

Spent a lot of the afternoon doing homework. A little watching TV. I finished reading what was on the Kindle: Date Night on Union Station. Pretty good mindless science fiction. The premise is a completely unqualified young woman is the consul for Earth on a space station, and the AI race which runs the station (and Earth, for that matter) also runs the local dating service. The book was free or close to it, but the characters were not deep enough to warrant reading the sequel.

Dinner was in two parts. Thai coconut chicken from Safeway's freezers (before class) chips & dip after class. Breakfast was a bowl of mixed cut fruit.
Recruiter emailed with an interesting job at GoPro. The pay is too low, and the commute is bad, but it's interesting technology. It pays almost 3x unemployment,  little less after taxes and even less with gas costs. Keeping my driving mostly local, I've only used 20 gallons of gas in 2,400 miles. The GoPro commute would be on battery there and gasoline back.  Public transit is a non-starter, it's more than 2 hours each way. Anyhow, chatted with the recruiter, and she will submit my application.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual
Lunch with Janice at Rice (a nice Thai place -- it's a bribe) and then fix some of her computer issues & help burn some photos to DVDs. A village in Fiji she has visited many times and supported for 30 years got blown off the map earlier this year, and we've been working on filling in some of the lost photos. I was there ion 1995, and put my photos on DVD already.
Maybe see the show at PA Players. It's talk-back night, and I know half the cast.

Throw-it-back Thursday

Totally forgot to post anything on FB of things past. Don't judge.

Posting to LJ after class --> 1:30 am bedtime --> 10:30 medicated, dressed and awake, not necessarily in that order. Had to pry myself away from the PC at 11:15 to get to Janice's by 11:30. The plan was to go to her favorite Thai place in Palo Alto, called Rice, but when we got there I pointed out that the sign said "SIAM". Huge WTF for her. The Thai woman behind the cash register was new to her, but the not-Thai waiter she knew. He drew a complete blank when I tried to speak Thai to him. He said he's only been to Thailand once. She asked what the story was, and he said the previous owners just gave up and went back home. I suspect that is not the real story, that place was well-run and very popular.

She had masaman, I had pat see hiuw, hers was the wrong color and not spicy at all. The wrong color is annoying but masaman is not supposed to be spicy. But Janice doesn't know this, and apparently the previous owners humored her request for "medium". Mine was dry and overcooked but still edible. The Thai iced tea was perfect. The place got really busy, and really disorganized, they need at least two more staff for lunch rush.

The Thai woman came over to check on us once, and I asked her in Thai where she was from, and the answer was Phuket. And her dad was at a table in the corner, she asked me to say hi so I did. He came over to the table next to us and we had a nice chat. He's from the neighborhood at the top of the hill, right below the Chalong temple. I know the place, my one Phuket friend lives in Chalong proper, at the bottom of the hill by the harbor. I was going to post a photo from my last trip, but I don't see one. Must have been a time before that.

Anyhow, nice man, he said he speaks no English, his Thai was easy to understand.

We had to go to the cash register to pay, the staff was so overloaded and the place was almost full. Thai woman, who is apparently the new owner, said she had only been open 2 days, and she knows she needs to find more help.

After a couple of errand stops, we went to Janice's and I helped her fix stuff on the computer. The last update had changed the login rules, I had to look online to remind me of the non-intuitive command to change that back. Another change is the Weather Channel app no longer is a desktop app, it won't pop up automatically anymore. Could not fix that. Removed an annoying reminder from a Seagate app which was there even after the app had been removed. Found it was still running as a service and disabled it. Removed some innocuous "security" files from her Samsung USB drive. They were small and doing no harm, but she's OCD that way. And finally, burned two DVDs of her Fiji photos. She didn't know she could copy a folder, and had been trying to do one year's worth at a time. I have those here to make more copies for her (I have 3 DVD burners, so can do that quickly).

Home, nixed the plan to see a play in Palo Alto. Just didn't want to go back there tonight.  When I pulled in, I saw the flag holder was hanging by one screw, so I took out the flag and removed the holder. I had a second holder lower down which is sturdier, which I used to put a Thai flag in, but it blocked my view of the road and Thailand is not a very nice place right now.

I moved the lower holder to the other side of the house, onto a beam on the porch wall, but that had the flag blowing too close to the lime trees and one of the hummingbird feeders, so I took the flag down and put it away. Maybe tomorrow I'll try that holder somewhere else. I need to find better screws first, two of the ones I used don't fit a standard screwdriver - the Phillips X is too small.

Dinner was fried rice. I added more steamed rice and scrambled egg to the leftovers. Fruit & cookies for dessert.

Feeling stupid because I took eBay's advice and offered free shipping on an item which went for $40 and cost almost $14 to ship. USPS priority mail fixed price box, was the least expensive way to ship to NC. Parcel post was $20, UPS $19. It sucks that they have skewed the ground rates so badly, the reason God invented Parcel Post was as a low-cost low-speed alternative. So I'll drop the box off at the PO tomorrow.

Kaiser sent me a check yesterday for $37 to make up for overcharging me in March. And today I got a monthly bill showing a $190 credit, same reason.

In other big bank news, I thought I had added $50 to my non-senior Clipper card after my trip to SF, and was awaiting for that to show up before asking them to transfer it to my senior card. But apparently that never happened, according to my bank.

Plans for tomorrow:
If the wind dies down, Baylands. It was the wind which ripped the flag pole out. 60mph gusts.
Maybe PA for the play.