June 20th, 2016


Why am I not in bed?

It was a fraught and hard to get to sleep night. I think I finally dozed of at about 2:30 am. There was a wake-up at 4 for no apparent reason, a pit stop at 6:30, some bozo recruiter calling at 7:15 (I pushed it to voicemail but none was left) and finally showered at 8. Dead tired. Took two Tylenol migraine but 4 would have been better.

Two fraught-makers: Last night I filled in the form for Nikon service on my useless high-end camera, packed it in huge bubble wrap with Styrofoam fill. This will cost at least half the retail price of a replacement camera, which I cannot afford, but half of this exercise is to get a firm estimate. Nikon has no problem with me refusing the repair job after the estimate.

And I had asked the director of a concert version of an opera if he can use me in the chorus. This is a guy I had directed once and we have sung together. He wrote back that he was informed that my voice wanders, and I even sing an octave lower. As if those were related. And he was informed I leave shows.

Made me angry, because it was one show, and he was in it, and he was there when the event which triggered me leaving happened. Two other cast members had left for the same reason earlier that week. The reason being we has not signed up for choreography, especially not by someone who was making it up as she went.

It took me an hour to craft a response, mostly because he knows I sing on key, and he knows it is standard practice to ask to sing an octave lower if a note is out of a singer's range (and I do ask first), and he knows I walked out of a show, and why. BTW, the choreographer also walked out on the show, and had her name removed from the program and the web site.

I was half way to just telling him to drop me, but I really want to do a chorus role where I don't have to change costumes, put on makeup, learn any movement besides standing up and sitting down on cue, and it's John Phillip Sousa's music.

Woke up dead tired. Spook didn't even get out of her cat bed. I must not have looked serious about getting up. But I had Things To Do™.

Nothing useful on the job boards, there usually isn't on a Monday morning.

Dropped off the package at the PO.

Drove to Kaiser hospital, checked with the front desk, and they gave me the floor, station and room number of my friend, and that he had no restrictions, people could visit any time. It was about 11, so probably not lunchtime.

Went up to his floor, checked with the nursing station, they said go right in. But I couldn't, because the door was blocked with a pair of nurse's rolling stock (a supply cabinet and an IV stand/monitor combo). These were from the nurses in the next room who were getting a patient ready to move to surgery. Young Chinese nurse kept calling the patient "Papa", which I thought was sweet. I could see my friend and two visitors in his room, so I just ducked around the corner and waited till Papa was attended to and the carts were moved.

What do you say to a 42-year old who just had a leg amputated at the knee because 6 years on the waiting list didn't get him a kidney yet? He was remarkably upbeat, he said his doctors had set his expectations - he had already lost a toe. We chatted about theater gossip, and also in the room was his partner, who is about my age, who is one of the early eBay honchos. At one time, and maybe he still is, he was responsible for eBay's educational programs which turned it from a personal-only auction house to a mass business storefront. Also in the room was a very talented artist who has been livening up friend's FB page with hand-drawn portraits. I didn't catch the other one's name, but I know I've seen him around. Not a theater player but a theater goer.

After about half an hour I had bored my friend to drowsiness, so I left him to get some sleep.

I'm glad I went, he was happy to see me.

Realized the original Ranch99 was on my way home if I wanted to avoid the expressway, so I ducked in there hoping to get another pair of Dungeness crabs, now that I know how to cook them. They sell the live ones for $7/lb but they pull out the dead ones and those only cost $3/b. I prefer not to cook them alive, so that's a major win-win. Also bought some grapes. And spent $5 at the dim sum alley on some sesame balls and ha gow/sui mai because it was getting to be lunchtime.

Janice had sent an SOS that the photo DVDs I'd made did not play in her DVD player. I was sure they would, she just needed instructions, but just in case when I got home I made another photo DVD (just a data disc with jpegs on it) and tested it in a spare player. Fairly new player, made obsolete when I upgraded to 4K.

Brought the player, its remote and the DVD to her place, and had her show me on her player how it didn't work. Well, she was trying to play it as a video DVD, and it took me less than a minute to show her how to scroll over to the "photo" selection.

And then we spent half an hour with her being all scared of technology as I tried to show her how to switch between her DVD cable box using a remote I'd programmed for her. She just doesn't get it that pointing the remote at the floor is not the right answer.

Stopped by at The Milk Pail, which is a horrible too-small market, but now they have a big parking lot (irony here - it was made possible because the store behind them gave in to the megadevelopers who are bulldozing everything and building newer better shops). MP has cheeses which are not available elsewhere. I bought some soft cheese made from sheep milk and from goat milk. Processed like brie, instead of like feta. They also have produce, I was surprised to see huge ripe mangoes, I bought 4.

Back home, actually used some petrol on this trip, but not a lot. Still had battery until a few blocks from home.

Delivered from Amazon was a refill if 1000mg coated Vitamin C, the only kind I can swallow in that dosage. In the mailbox was a survey from Kaiser to add to my personal record after they grab data from it in Portland, which might easily be titled "How far into the grave is your foot"? It was really aimed at people who need help to get around, or will need it shortly.

Got email from the director saying I'd answered his questions, welcome to the chorus. And email from the vocal director with links to all the things. MIDI and MP3 files of all the music, a pdf of the full libretto/vocal score, cast list, etc. Rehearsals start in a week, 7-10 pm M-Th. The theory is not everyone is called every night, and they have my conflicts on their list, but looking at the score, the chorus is in almost every number! They have 5 weeks to do this, which is actually not bad for a concert version, except they are now saying they want everyone to be off-book as much as possible. Arghh.

Fired up the Amazon Fire, and searched for free sci-fi movies. Found a few and added them to my list. I watched about an hour of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition I had bought long ago, but it's in the wrong aspect ratio, everything is stretched out of shape vertically, not just the models, and nothing I could adjust on the TV or the Fire helped. That's the kind of thing I would test for them. One thing automation won't detect. :-(

Ate some sheep cheese and crackers with diet Coke as watched. Dinner was Lean Cuisine shrimp and pasta, with a newly sliced up mango for dessert. I kept having to remind myself that I'd had dessert, did not need to thaw a chocolate muffin or grab a handful of Famous Amos cookies.

Had a rare call from an American recruiter, but it was another non-techie who had no idea that the person who handed her my resume and insisted I was a match didn't know what he was doing either. It was another automation job, and she didn't bother to read my auto-reply - in fact she phoned again because she thought an auto-reply meant the account was closed. I set her straight on everything.

Ordered more dry cat food. And a dozen Werther's sugar free caramels. Love those as a before-sleep item.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in.
Go to Fedex and print out the libretto on 3-hole punched paper, and binderize it. Probably with tabs.
Hang out at Starbucks(?)
Go to Half Moon Bay(?)
Go to Half Moon Bay and hang out at Starbucks there. (?)