July 3rd, 2016


Got Stuff Done

After careful consideration, I bagged the idea of going to the Tech Museum, in favor of cranking out the 4 blu-ray DVDs. The first copy takes 2 hours, the next two take 45 minutes each. Created, burned and printed 1 & 2, had to leave while the last #3 was burning. Got to MV a few minutes early because there was no traffic, chatted with Janice till 6:30, then home and finished #3 and Created, burned and printed #4.

Slipped each set of 3 into sleeves (discovered that the blue sleeves are too small for even one DVD). Time to order more white sleeves, maybe. Maybe not, I still have plenty of variously colored ones.

Vocal director sent email that he had pdfs waiting for us online with all the corrections to the score. There were 18 of them for the chorus, about 30 pages. While the DVDs were copying, I highlighted all the new pages and put them into the binder, pulling out the defective ones. My highlighter doesn't work well on inkjet music (no problems with the originals which were made on a copier).  So after my chat I stopped in at 7-11, but they had no highlighters, so I went to  Safeway, which had three kinds to choose from. While I was there I picked up a 6-pack of pilsner beer made in Berkeley, and a package of just under 4 lbs of chicken wings, not frozen ones. Maybe tomorrow I will try the beer battered wings experiment. Or maybe later in the week.

Remembered it was garbage day tomorrow, took out the bins. Watered the most vulnerable plants. Deadheaded the roses. Tomorrow I need to snip a couple of massive thorny stems which are growing into the path, and not producing any more flowers.

The flag got wrapped again, fixed that, maybe it will last through the holiday. I checked out the shed, there is a place which I can move the flag to. The house blocks a lot of the wind. I'll probably put the coast survey flag there. 

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Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I thought about Great America for the fireworks, but the $34 (plus taxes) after-4pm entry fee is a bit high, considering I don't do the rides.

Probably take some time to study El Capitan lyrics. Do some python homework.