August 4th, 2016


Quickly because I have to get up early

Quiet day. Went to get a manicure at 10, but they were booked, had to come back at 12:30.
Safeway, bought frozen dinners, fruit and frozen veggies. And milk.
Home, put away the groc
Specialty's next door, had a snack, did the morning computer routine on the laptop. Applied for three jobs, one may be a match.
Home, charged the car most of the way while reading and watching some TV. It's a compelling book - Better World by Autumn Kalquist. Definitely written by a woman, and hugely trigger-filled for the suicidal teenager. Well-written with a few bumps but also some surprises (good ones).

6 pm, drove to class. Got there at about 6:30, continued to read. As usual the teacher was a few minutes late. Not as usual, only 3-4 students were there more than 5 minutes early.

Final class of the 10-week series, the annoying tall Russian guy was not there and his main squeeze left at halftime, after filling out the exit visa and collecting her certificate. Teach tried to zip through the class material, but stupid questions did him in again. After break he did zip pretty quickly, we all got a survey to fill out and a certificate. Done half an hour early. He was pretty clear he wanted to end at the break, 90 minutes early.

Home, made one of the Marie Calendar dinners. Mixed fruit bowl for dessert. And a cream puff because it might go stale.

My newest FB emo friend appears to be doing better. And wants to get to know me better, which is fine with me. So far she hasn't heard me shouting "get off my lawn"

Plugged the car in for an overnight charge. Closed all the windows, opened all the sliding screen doors.

Plans for tomorrow:
up early
Move the car
8 am -ish arrival of the painters
Fake it. If they need me to hang around, I will. If not, there are movies to see.
Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

Most vivid dream I've had in ages.

I was hired to direct a youth production. No idea what show it was. Three rows of kids, middle school to high school age. Things were going well, but little by little the man who had hired me started taking over the directing. This is someone IRL I'm friends with, he's great with kids and would make an excellent director. Just as a test, I leave the room while he is in full directing mode, and when I come back no one notices. So I leave for real. I'm about a block away before he catches up with me. I tell him he's a better director for this show, the kids love him, and good luck.

End of dream.

I can't believe it's only 10 pm on Thursday

Sleep deprived, I went to bed at 8, fell asleep quickly. Had a very vivid dream which felt like it had lasted all night, but when I awoke, only 2 hours had passed.

Woke up this morning at 7 (set two alarms 6:45 and 7, but the had forgotten to unmute both devices). Got up and drugged and dressed to be ready in case the crew arrived at the 8 am side of the 8-9 window they had said. 9:30 no one was there so I texted the supervisor. He texted back that he would call the crew chief.

Long story short, crew chief finally shows up at 10:45. Alone. He made some progress, by noon the hedge was pulled out, some of the rotted and warped trim at the carport side and back of the house had been removed. He said he was going to Home Depot to get replacement lumber.

At about 1:30 he showed up with one worker, and they shook the house pretty good using a power hammer to nail the new trim in place. They quit at about 3, didn't say a word to me about being done for the day or when they would be back. They only got about half of the work done.

At 5, when it was clear they were not coming back, I walked down the block and got my car back to the carport. Had an early dinner, and hit the sack.

Meanwhile, I finished the book and started another.

Had a call from a recruiter at about 10 am, thick Indian accent, she had trouble hearing me because she was working in a noisy call center. She described a job which I had received email about from four different recruiters, and her company is the one I responded to. She asked a bunch of stupid questions all of which were answered on my resume, and we agreed her manager would call me at 1.

Manager called me at 3:30. Indian guy, but excellent English and articulation. He asked a bunch of quasi-technical questions from a list, and said he would submit my info to the hiring manager. It's another job at Amazon, it turns out, so this was probably a massive waste of time.

Email from Janice, back from Fiji. We'll probably get together Sunday so she can tell me all about it, and all about how come she isn't going to Nevada on Sunday like she planned.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully, a real crew will arrive in the morning to finish what they should have done today, and start caulking & painting.
1:45 pm appointment for a BP check in MV