August 9th, 2016


That was a lot of work!

Another good night's sleep. Not having to wake up 3 times in the wee hours to ... uh ... wee .. is a Good Thing™.

Spook is still spooked from all the noise and strangers outside the house. But today was a return to mostly normal. the air conditioner is back in service, her favorite windows are open about 2" (they have built-in anti-intruder stops), and there is no blaring mariachi music. That's not really fair, it was Mexican Pop, and not all that loud.

The big boss of the job came by to inspect, and he was displeased to see that the carpeter made a mess by blowing dirt onto the new paint job, and that the window frames were not painted (so they look rusted), and the "crew" left a mess. I had cleaned that up before he got there, so had to describe it to him. He also found the white paint on the front screen door, and some shoddy work on the carpet trim. He's all about making it right, so he called the crew chief, who said he'd be over between 2 and 3:30. And he'll have the carpet taken care of tomorrow.

At 10:58, one of the idiots from the contract agency called to tell me the 11 o'clock phone interview with Amazon was not going to happen, and can we make it 11 am tomorrow? Yeah, but I'm not pleased with you. This was followed by an unanswered call from his boss, and then email that there seemed to be some confusion over the call time tomorrow. I replied I had CLEARLY stated 11 am.

Next expected call was 2 pm, and I wanted to be home for crew chief, but there was time so I drove out to Yamagami's and bought a lot of plants for the front garden. Most of them had bees on them, which was the point. Those stayed in the car for the rest of the day.

2:05 pm, my 2 pm call from Hitachi HR, lovely chat with the recruiter for a start-up-like project the are doing around video face recognition. She'll send my name  & info to the manager, and maybe that will result in a tech interview.

3 pm, crew chief is not here, so I take off to Verizon, because I need a print-out of my final bill, which I cannot get online because they insist on an account number, which they never gave me because I did everything online, and they don't send the full account number in their online messages. It took the partially deaf woman 15 minutes to find my account. I'm assuming she is partially deaf because at 3 feet away she misheard my name, address, phone number and SS#. But she was very nice about it, and in the end I got what I had come for.

On my way there, crew chief called, not quite 3:30, he was puzzled because the paint he had left out on the driveway was gone, and he had some touch-ups to do. I told him I'd locked it in the shed, so he said he would come back tomorrow. Fine.

Next stop was Sprint, to show them the bill and get the termination fee refund their ad and rep promised. No can do. The rep was surprised to find out what I already knew - they want my Verizon phone turned in to them before they will give the refund. That's false advertising, and the rep owned up to that, but he's a newb and had neither the cojones nor the skilz to get me the refund by appealing to higher authorities. Which I'll have to do on my own. The way they have it rigged, by the time you get that final bill, it is too late to cancel the Sprint account without paying their termination fee.

Home, entertained myself online and with the TV. Dinner was going to be battered wings & frozen veggies, but on a whim I went through the fridge's freezer bin and found ham slices, Chinese BBQ pork, a tiny lamb chop and green beans. Nuked those and had a nice dinner. Popsicles for dessert.

About 7 pm as the sun was going down, I went outside, pulled the plants out of the car, and started planting. Lee (next door neighbor) kept trying to get me to let her plant something too, but I told her no thanks. She has her own jungle, I want mine to be my own.

It was a lot of work, not made any easier by the fact that the "crew" had hardly put down any dirt, and the clay underneath is like cement. By 9 I had everything in except the elfin thyme, and I also left a spot for the potted orange tree. It will go next to the potted jasmine.

In the ground are:
1 small bird of paradise (Strelitz Reginae)
3 small Thai basil
2 medium rosemary
2 medium star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)
1 "Hint of Gold" caryopteris
2 "Grand Bleu" caryopteris
2  catmints
1 Bright yellow something which the bees wouldn't touch. It got rung up on the receipt with the catmints, & I don't recall the name.

All that work brought my BP and Hgl low, and it took two diet colas, a Klondike bar and a coconut popsicle while sitting in the recliner in front of the fan with the aircon on to recover.

After recovery, I went outside and watered everything again.

Delivered was a camera strap. It's going back because they lied about it being a shoulder strap. It's even short for a neck strap.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant the elfin thyme on the front border, close to the barrier stones which are flat on top, so maybe the thyme will crawl onto those.
Move the orange "tree" to the front garden
Toss seeds onto the bare spots and rake & water them. California poppies, hyssop, bee balm, maybe bee's friend.
2 pm Amazon call