August 10th, 2016

Howard Street


A good deed I did recently has come back to bite me. Pulled a muscle in my back, and when I forget to (a) take Ibuprofen or Aspirin and (b) move in just the wrong way while I'm sitting, there's an excruciating sharp pain. It only lasts a couple of seconds, but the aftershock stays for a few minutes.

This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that the family of the person for whom I did the good deed left a thank you card in my mailbox with a Starbucks prepaid card inside.

This morning's 11 am phone call was changed to 2 pm and then 3 pm and happened at 3:10. This was originally scheduled for yesterday. It was a hiring manager for a QA group at a company I would love to have on my resume, just a contract job, though. An actual American. He spoke fluent audio/video. It was an intelligent interview with many boilerplate questions but nothing stupid, no asinine math puzzles or coding quizzes. But he was non-committal, and I kind of doubt this will go any further, though I hope it does.

Master Gardener sister posted that I should consider planting California lilacs. This was dittoed by a local friend whom I respect. So this morning I went to Lowe's hoping they had some, but they didn't. So I called Yamagami's, and they asked which variety I had in mind - they had several. It's a long drive out there, but worth it. They had about six kinds, their expert asked me some q's and recommended Yankee. I bought two of those plus two of the California "wild". She said I should use conditioner on the clay surface I am working on top of. Turns out she meant compost, though I also bought a wetting agent which I'll spray over the whole plot. 

Home, waited for the phone to ring. After the interview I drove to the recycle center and filled my two containers with compost and brought it home. Dumped the larger one toward the left and the smaller one towards the right, and planted the Yankees in the left pile and the CA in the right pile.

Then I planted the elfin thyme as a border down the right edge and across the right front - a whole flat of that did not go nearly as far as I'd expected. But I have my doubts about its survival, so I'm leaving it at that.

Moved the potted orange tree from the back of the driveway to the left of the potted jasmine.

That yellow plant I did not know the name of had a tag.    Achillea -  "Little Moonshine".

Here's the latest photo of the work.

There will be more color coming up, I hope. I tossed some CA poppy, hyssop, sunflower and Bee Balm seeds from the porch, mostly aiming at the area closest to the porch.

I'm exhausted, and done. I think I'll keep the bay laurel on the porch for now, and the Thai lime trees will stay there too.

Now I need a job so i  can pay for all these home improvements.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe fly the quad copter
Target: sodastream syrups & cannister exchange. Feather on a stick - Spook has been very playful lately.
Downtown Starbucks, maybe play some Ingress