August 12th, 2016


Blame the non-Perseids

It's after 1:30 am, my drop-dead, stop everything bedtime, which I pushed back half an hour because I spent that much time sitting in my camp chair on the end of the driveway looking up, hoping for shooting stars. Nada. Marine layer was just dense enough to reflect city lights except for a very small area right above me. An astronomer friend on Mt. Hamilton says she saw some from there, so I'll just wait for her time lapse photos tomorrow.

Used to be I paid enough attention and went camping up at San Luis reservoir, but gave up after a couple of years with no meteors.
Working backward, this evening for the first time in months I went to the songwriters meetup, and this time there were mostly songwriters, only one  electronic music bozo, and even his work was a (FAILed) attempt at a song. Note to bozo: repeating the same phrase ad nauseum with weird special effects obscuring the words is not songwriting.) The usual co-hosts were elsewhere, but the stand-in host was a WIN. Amazing musician, and also an analog and digital audio production expert. Very solid on the basics, and on how a lot of the time his job as a producer is teaching the basics to nubes who think anyone with an idea and a MacBook can make great music. Three of the other four people who sang had very good stuff. The 4th had crap lyrics, a highly annoying voice singing out of his range and placed the mike inside the guitar, sparing us from hearing much of the lyrics.

I had just enough time before the meetup to spray that wetting agent on the front garden plot. The theory is it will soak through the clay making it more welcoming to new plant roots.

Watched some Tivo. Tried playing with Spook using the feathers on a stick I bought earlier. She was not very interested. She was scared of the one with the bee toy on the end, and was annoyed by the one with just feathers.

Got email from the contract agent, Amazon wants to bring me in for an interview tomorrow or next week. Yay!

NVidia recruiter said the manager I talked to there said no. The only surprise was it took this long.

Took a look around the house, I don't know what the crew touched up yesterday, but it wasn't what I'd asked. I will probably do it myself. They had painted the house number white, it as been grey. It doesn't stand out against the light blue, so I took a marker pen and outlined it in black. Didn't help. I need to paint it something darker.

Went to Target to buy cat toys, Sodastream stuff and chocolate. Also got bananas. There were way too many screaming 2-year-olds.

Moved the car to the underground garage under the plaza at about 12:30, and it was packed. Usually this happens on Fridays as work groups have lunch a block away on Murphy Street, which is restaurant row. Starbucks, however, was empty. The big rush happened at about 1:30, but it was mostly to-go. And mostly male. My heart throb did come in around then, and sat in my line of sight. :-)

I did some major Ingress, captured a bunch of neutral portals, but was unable to blow away the two by Caltrain. The resistance had locked up everything on that side of the plaza.

First thing this morning I spent about 10 minutes flying the copter. Had two very good long flights, on a single battery, but left when the lawn mower decided to make a second round. A needless second round I might add.

Delivered was a Hisense 7" tablet I'd got for cheap on eBay, hoping to replace the NVidia Shield with something lighter and smaller but not as expensive as the Nexus. Turns out it is as wide as the Shield, and weighs more. So that's not going to work out.

On the way back from the meetup I stopped in at Safeway to buy milk and a couple of sale items and ended up buying ice cream as well. That stemmed from wanting a chocolate shake. Maybe I'll make one tomorrow. Or a malt, I have a gallon of malted milk. Also got a lot of fruit and some frozen dinners.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Relax, it's been a busy week.
Touch up the paint job.