August 13th, 2016



A day to relax. Stayed home, sat on the porch and read for the first time in more than a week. Watched some football on Tivo first before it dawned on me I should be outside in the daylight.

Slept till 10. Late breakfast of grapes & HB egg. Late lunchlike snack of a baloney sandwich. Mint chip ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Caught the 5:15 3D show of Suicide Squad at the local cinema. Way too many 2D trailers, the show didn't actually start till half an hour later.

In brief, was not impressed. Will Smith did a fine job. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was way sexy, and there were enough gratuitous pert ass in short shorts shots to justify her presence. Viola Davis was completely unbelievable as the Mean Woman In Charge. I could have done without the Joker arc, which  Jared Leto was way too good playing. The movie gets off to a slow start - imagine the opening of the original Mission Impossible, except instead of highlighting two special guests, there were a dozen. We did not get nearly enough of Cara Delevingne's petite figure, but her penultimate costume won the film.

The easter egg was more like a late autumn egg, coming after the top credits but before the 10 minute cavalcade of names. I almost didn't recognize the cameo. Or whether it was a setup for a sequel or the opposite.

Let's not even talk about the plot, because it is highly excremental. 

Home, beef pot pie for dinner.

When it's cooler outside than inside I open all the doors and close the screens. I got up once to see Spook outside the front door, somehow the screen came open. As soon as she saw me coming toward her she ran back inside. A major relief. I put a latch on the carport screen because she learned how to open that, but I didn't think she could do it to the others.

Watched the Ravens-Panthers game mostly on 2xFF. Close game, I was especially watching for the point where they paused play to watch Baltmore homie Michael Phelps on the jumbotron compete for another medal. But NFL network instead crudely inserted a bunch of commercials, cutting off not only that event and any commentary of it, but also the next play or two. FAIL.

Got email this afternoon that Amazon is bringing me in Monday at 3:30-5 for an in-person interview. Two people the first hour, one person the next. Yay!

So I took some time to study HDMI pinouts, since the phone interviewer asked if I had done any testing in that area. I did know enough to mention cable quality & length & RS232 pinouts. Turns out HDMI is very close to RS232's data scheme, except instead of +/- and ground for just one data connection, it has a trio for RG and B, plus clock signals. Very straightforward.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take it easy. my back is still knifing me when I move just wrong. Boosted the bed to 100 and now down to 75 (from 45) which helped some.
Early coffee meeting w/Janice. I have DVDs for her
Late evening karaoke birthday party for a theater friend.

Plan A

Achieved the sleeping in part. Achieved the relax part. My back is still hurting when I get ready to get out of the recliner, and other very ocassional random times. I tried putting Ben Gay on the place it hurts, but my hand doesn't bend that way. Naproxin left over some a similar event expired a year ago, but I think it may have done some good. Mostly sticking to Ibuprofen.

Wanted to watch the Raiders game, which Tivo claims to have recorded, but the NFL channel lies. Only one of the four it claims it recorded were actually carried on that channel. The Raiders have an exclusive local contract, but Tivo didn't list it. Boo hiss.

I did manage to see the new LA Rams come from behind and win their pre-season opener aqainst a much better Dallas team. Cal hero Goff was pulled early, his receivers didn't understand that when the ball hits their hands, they are supposed to hold onto it. And the front line forgot to block for him on 3rd downs. My guess is for some reason he is not popular with his teammates.

Also watched some of the Tennessee/San Diego game replayed late tonight, but missed Mariota. What is he doing still playing in the NFL?

4 pm I was at Starbucks Pear Ave, Janice was a little later than usual. The place was pretty empty, most of the outdoor seats were available but we stayed indoors because it was 90° outside. She filled me in on her very fun Fiji trip.

Home, had snacks and a small frozen entree for dinner. 8:45 got to the karaoke party in south san jose. No birthday girl, even though it was supposed to start at 8:30. She arrived with a small gang just before 9. There was only one person in the group I knew, the place was loud and there was another birthday party at the tables near the karaoke, so we had to make do with lounge seating, which was a crowded mess. One of her obnoxious friends pushed me aside to talk (and flail) to the one guy I knew, so I gave her my seat and went to the far end of the tables. I finally gave up after an hour, found my car blocked on the driver's side, had to crawl in on the passenger side and do some contortions to get into the driver's seat. It wasn't easy. It wasn't pretty.

Home, I medicated myself with mint chocolate chip ice cream and the aforementioned Titans game. And two lactose-killer pills and a pair of Naproxin.

In other news, emo girl announced her engagement to the guy who had dumped her. If I understand the story, he told her she needed help, she got help, he un-dumped her and proposed. All in a week. I am very happy for them, but I'm not really. It means I will never have a chance to get to know her better, which is the selfish side of me, but also this all happened too quickly for it to work, and I fear the coming implosion.
On my way back from Starbucks I found the street to turn on to get to Monday's interview. By the time I need to be there, I'm pretty sure there will be visitors' spaces available.
At Target the other day I bought three different feathers on a stick toys. Spook was not really interested in chasing any of them. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
If I get up in time, 10:30 Silicon Valley Sunday Assembly (humanists) in MV. Speaker is Seth Shostak, from SETI. It has been decades since I went to the assembly because why can't they do this in the afternoon like real atheists?
Probably watch the 49ers game on Tivo delay