August 21st, 2016


Moar Gardening Stuff

As planned, went to OSH, found a bucket and lid to put kitchen scraps, and a container of earthworms. Also bought for $1.59 each, a pair of bags of steer manure. I thought I was buying straight manure, but when I got it home it was plainly mostly not-manure, a compost mix. Then to Home Depot, bought a wooden planter shaped like the bottom half of a barrel. They had similar ones at OSH, but this one is more breathable and has a hole in the bottom which will help with aeration.

Home, checked the front garden, all the worms I plopped onto the mulch have gone underground. That was more a proof of concept than anything else, not nearly enough worms to make a big improvement in the clay.

Took all my kitchen scraps and chopped them up into a fine paste in the food processor. It was pretty messy, but most of it wound up in the OSH bucket. Outside, put the tub on the retaining wall behind the house, next to where the failed tomato project had been, emptied a bag of manure/compost into it. Almost filled the tub, so I emptied the other bag into an empty space in the front garden, on top of where some of the worms had gone.

Plopped the container of OSH worms into the tub, and mixed them in a bit. Not too much. Want to spread them, not kill them. Next, poured the bucket of pureed scraps on, mixed that in as well, which brought a lot of the worms to the surface. Covered the tub with some plastic sheeting the painters left behind.

Watched some Olympics (the men's basketball medal ceremony - I like the SSB arrangement they played), gave Spook some treats, and at about 3:30 took back roads to MV Starbucks and played on the laptop till Janice arrived. There were some truly eye-catching women during that time.

Helped J pop open the battery compartment on her remote. It needed a small screwdriver - the release tab was under the lid, no way to open it by hand.

After, stopped off at 7-11 for cheesy poofs and newspapers.

Home, tore a few sheets of newspaper into strips, soaked them in water and squeezed them out so they were like a damp sponge. Uncovered the compost tub outside, and arranged the strips on top of the "brew". Saw this in one of the composting sites. Covered it back up.

Watched the Raiders lose to the Packers, mostly on FF because those announcers never stop talking. The less they have to say the more they talk.

It was a poor effort by both teams, but it's pre-season. They just need to marinate some more.

Dinner was a Marie C roast beef/smashed potatoes/veggies dinner followed by one scoop of ice cream with walnuts.

Ordered 1,000 "Alabama jumpers" earthworms from The Worm Dude, which may or may not be in stock. His web page was vague about that. Some research showed these to be the best for digging into clay. Better for the garden than the bait worms.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for the phone to ring or email to arrive with word on the three pending jobs. 
Maybe fly the copter
Maybe play some Ingress on the new phone, see if its GPS is more accurate than the HTC phone, which drifts a lot.
Maybe go to BASFA, which either will be packed with people eager to tell of their Worldcon adventures, or devoid of people because most will be lagged from their Worldcon adventures