September 2nd, 2016


Did stuff, but mostly vegged

Another fitful-ish night. Woke up early a couple of times before the alarm. When the alarm went off, I was awake enough to squash it and turn the lights back off.

Spook started the night in the cat bed by the door, and finished in the cat tree next to the head of the bed.

Had a banana (my last one) and some walnuts for breakfast as I did my morning online stuff. Slim pickings. This is getting OLD.

Went to Home Depot, and unlike Lowe's they had signs up with examples of which fluorescent tubes to buy. I bought a pair which matched the two working ones in the kitchen. Took them home, and after half an hour on the ladder without getting them in place securely (and breaking the diffusion panel which is 15 years old & brittle) I took a break, made a small thing of pot roast for lunch, ice cream sandwich chaser.

Watched the Seahawks/Raiders game mostly on FF, and muted because the woman who was doing color had a voice like high frequency brillo. And both of them were a study in inane filler. A few times I scooted it to FFF because they kept showing pieces of other games. I hate that. I don't mean highlights of games on other channels, that's reasonable, but someone makes a play, and they show three clips of that person last week, or in college, or high school.

Got back on the ladder and after not being able to make the latest bulbs light up, I went back to the ones from Lowe's, and finally did the unsafe thing of turning on the switch so I could tell when the lights would light up. And it wasn't when it felt like they were in there solidly. It looks to me like a ballast problem, and some day when I have $ I will hire someone to replace the whole fixture. But for now, I want to buy a more flexible diffuser panel, because there is just bare bulb.

Forgot to go to the ATM again.

So I now have four bulbs which need to be recycled, and there is also a stash of batteries. And then my eye lands on my office rack, and there are two external drives, an internal drive, an old Amazon Fire, too-small laptop memory, a pair of self-erasing MP3 players, a toy RC car and its controller, and an out-of-black-ink all-in-one printer. None of these things will sell for enough to make it worth posting them. I've given up on BASFA auctions, especially now that they meet on the wrong end of the Freeway To Hell.

So I packed all this stuff, and probably more, into the car and drove it to the recycle center. The attendant has directional issues. When I asked where to put the small bulbs & batteries, she pointed to a container across the road, which was clearly labeled for paper. The right container was maybe three feet away 90° to the right.

Happy to have gotten all that stuff relocated.

Home, didn't plug in the car because I thought maybe I'd go somewhere, like the ATM or banana shopping.

Parked in front of the TV and watched the 49ers/Chargers game. Colin K. played well. Not as good as his Superbowl year, but good enough to be backup. Defense was uneven, horrible at times, brilliant at others. For both teams. These announcers stuck to the game, with just a tiny sidebar about Colin "taking a knee" for the anthem. Better than sitting. They only confused me at the end of each quarter, when they played a montage of the scoring plays and some of the better plays. What? They scored again? Oh, it's a replay.

Got caught in some comedian and magician showcases, and when it got close to dinner time I watered all the gardens and plugged in the car.

Dinner was clam strips with tartar sauce and some of the baked beans.

My eyes are tired, I will probably go to sleep early.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe visit the Dancing Cat Cafe and donate the toys-on-a-string which Spook finds totally resistible.
Banana shopping
Coffee with Janice