November 21st, 2016


Rainy Days And

It was a long week today.

Very congested, dripping, had to sleep in the recliner (not reclining) to keep from coughing all night. Sugar free Robitussin helped me get back to bed.

Up at 7:15, waited for the alarms and lights, and turned them all off.

Brunch was from the batch of chicken soup on the stove. That helped.

11, off to Kaiser for noon ear appointment. She agreed it was only 90% cleared, and siphoned out a lot of tiny fungi. She prescribed anti-fungal drops. The 2nd floor pharmacy said they were OTC, and they were out of stock. So was the main pharmacy. They suggested CVS. They were also out of stock. Went online, Amazon sellers wanted $70 for two bottles and 3 days to ship. Looked on Google, Walgreens has them for $15, and it said the nearest store had at least 2, maybe 5.

It took some searching, one of the staff found them in the foot care section. They had 2 so I bought them both.

In the parking lot, contract agent called, she said there were some discrepancies in my background check, and she insisted I had not sent her one of the forms. I know I did, but she was having none of it.

Home via the local Chinese market, where I picked up chicken hearts & gizzards for the soup.

Email from recruiter was inane. They were quibbling over one month start date between when my resume said Arris bought Motorola Home and when my resume said. My resume is correct, I sent her email from the CEO showing the date. They also couldn't confirm my contract (1 month!) at Tivo, so I sent them all my W2's from that year. And they misread the resume and mixed up the two Motorola gigs. I also forwarded her the copy of the email with the "missing" form which I had sent on the 16th.

It was easier to apply for a CIA job.

I am bothered that they are being so anal about it. I should have been able to start today. :-(

Not that I was well enough. Early dinner was more chicken soup as soon as the added bits were cooked enough. Then impulse took over, and I went to the grocery outlet and bought ice cream. Two lactose-free mint chocolate chips and a key lime pie sherbet. I tried the sherbet first, and it was a FAIL. They put bits of pie crust in it. Eeeeew. The lactaid ice cream is terrific, I polished of half while watching the Raiders/Texans in Mexico City, took a halftime break and then finished another 1/4 by the time the Raiders won. Officiating was awful. Raiders defense was like swiss cheese.

Finished the longons. Strange but true, they made my sinuses leak. Flonase smells pretty but Robitussin FTW.

Turned the heat off on the soup, will pour it into containers & freeze before I go to sleep. Collapse )
Declined an invite to attend a mature workers networking session tomorrow. I probably won't be over my cold enough, but mostly I see no value in networking with a bunch of people who don't have jobs, and mostly aren't in my industry. I would like to see Arlene again, but she may contact me if I don't show. Disappointed that Nina never called.

It rained enough overnight & early morning to not need to water the plants.

I really ought to unload the dishwasher. This morning I only took out the recyclables, since that was picked up today. Workers next door must have got the word - they kept the dog in their F2650 pickup. It was so big I figured even a 6-pack of Viagra won't help.

Turbotax CD arrived. I downloaded the app yesterday.

I may need to sell some stock before SS kicks in. It'll be close.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ditch the cold
Enjoy more home made chicken soup.
Enjoy more Lactaid ice cream
Launder the bathroom rugs
Probably endure more stupidity from contract agency