December 7th, 2016


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Because I am pooped again. Not used to this 9-5. Plenty of places to eat, but they go out of their way to make "healthy" inedible food. Lunch was supposed to be ham on sourdough with dijon, but I got ham on white with mayo. Half of it is sitting on my kitchen counter.

Did not get the car charged at work, but there's enough juice for a round trip so no biggie.

Boss was out with a tummy ache.

Home, emptied the car, put everything in the shed. Added my spare key fob to my pocket.

Beef pot pie while watching Mars on NatGeo.

Spook is very vocal, but still a jerk about being touched.

Had to get the link to the timecard web site from my rep, and discovered they had done to me what Vanguard did - propagated my secret question with one I would not have chosen. Called for support, turns out the reps had used my job hunter email address, so that's been corrected and the SAP folks sent me a new invitation to sign up.

Not even 9 pm and I feel ready for bed. Work was an adventure, too bad the NDA won't let me say anything specific.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the car for a modem change. Rent a loaner. Maybe get to work on time. If not, simply stay later.