December 8th, 2016


Surprises Abound

Last night I cleaned out the car, something which needed doing anyway, for the recall work. Got to the Ford dealer by 8, somewho, and was helped in minutes. While one rep was doing the paperwork another was getting the rental car ready.

Surprise! It was an urban assault vehicle about the length of two hang gliders, and too wide for any parking space outside of a lumber yard. The rental rep said the only other one on the lot was a Mustang, which was wrong in the opposite way. And probably a manual. So she called the shuttle driver who brought me all the way to work, rush hour traffic (but we both knew a better way). Surprise!

Actually early to work, got a couple of 1/4 waffles, a corn bread muffin and a criossant to eat at my desk. The waffles were not a WIN, but the croissants are great. They use the small ones, toasted.

There was some work to do at work, boss installed some things, showed me how to transfer files from one box to another, they have a protocol which reminds me of what HP's Cricket Liu developed and I used in 1990.

Lunch was hunting and gathering from the big cafeteria in my building, some sort of brown rice & beef gruel, antipasto salad, grilled chicken, which the guy ahead of me got cut up but I just got a slab of it slapped on my plate. Surprise!  Berry topping on custard dessert and a pair of mini brownies which I was planning on taking up to my desk for later. Surprise!

The only seat I found was on a sofa in the hall, it had a portable table-ette which worked out fine. The woman who sits next to me sat down to chat, and somehow I got distracted when I put my tray on the returns belt, and recycled the brownies by mistake. Sigh.

I got as much done on my previous project as I could, and at about 3 wrapped up this one, when Ford called telling me my car was done, and asking for the address to pick me up.  Surprise! Boss said she didn't have anything else for me today, so go ahead. The shuttle arrived in about half an hour, and we beat the major traffic on the way back. First driver chatted with me all the way, this one was silent after the first few minutes.

Home, called Janice to see if she still needed me to come fix her wi-fi, then re-packed the car, including refilling the Windex bottle. Also took the NOVA folders and filed them. Janice messaged back that she found what was unplugged so I was off the hook.  Surprise!

In the mail was a Gummint check, too soon for Social Security, too late for a tax refund. It was a refund for the Medicare fee they charged when I had no income and thus was entitled to free Part B. Or something.  Surprise!

Being home early meant I had time to set up the NVidia Shield TV unit, which is one of the new Android TV devices. The controllers are very different, what they call buttons are just touch-sensitive areas which don't indent. Same idea as a touch screen. IT comes with a game controller as the main remote, a classical remote is $30 extra. I watched a few items, then rediscovered a short animation called Sintel about a girl and her pet baby dragon, which is kidnapped by a big dragon so the girl treks through the snow to find it.

Saw an item on youtube suggesting steaming eggs, so I plopped a dozen into my rice steamer for 20 minutes and they came out great. And peel easily.

Dinner was shrimp fried rice from the freezer and lactaid ice cream.

Watched some of the Raiders/KC game, but between the pajamas and the obnoxious commentary, I nuked it before halftime. And the Raiders were losing big-time. There is a lot of stuff on the DVR now that I'm not watching all day.

I'll have time to catch up, unfortunately. Boss told me the company closes down from 12/23 to 1/3. Crap.

Well, at least I'll have one paycheck, and SS. Though today I only get to claim 6 hours.

Plans for tomorrow: