Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Longest Day

Woke up 10 minutes before the alarm, got up anyway and was out the door by 8:15. Phoned AG, who filled me in on his in-house interview and how he is afraid his micro-manager will try to block it. He is working with HR on that. I told him about Roku, he pointed out that we have a lot of ex-Arris friends there.

The shots from yesterday hit me hard. Fever, sore arm, Tylenol migraine helped but not enough.

A flurry of responses from automation engineers which amused me. I had filed two almost identical bugs and they went to two different engineers. One closed the case saying he couldn't reproduce it and making up totally wrong reasons why I saw the issue, and the other engineer gave step by step instructions on how she had reproduced it twice.

Boss asked her for a video, because Boss did not remember that I had reported the bug at her request in the first place.

Lunch was beef & broccoli steamer and alleged chocolate pudding (the stuff in the fridge here is very bland).

Watched an actual storm being chased, lightning and torrential rain seen from a few miles away, on the Texas panhandle. New to me chaser who said nothing but got great views. Also followed the daily ride home one. He talks a lot, and plays good music.

Fired up a Thai station on the Crap TV just to keep me company.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp web site is always half or more US news. BBC as well. I wish they would fix that.

Email from finance person saying she found a wrong address in the paperwork and is sending a corrected package for me to sign.

Phone call from the mobile home park, I chewed him out for not having anyone on duty last Saturday, and for not having 5-year leases. Turns out they are not offering 5-year, just 10, 1 and <1. He claimed that 10 year won't impact selling the house, but I don't see that in the lease wording. I'll ask the manager tomorrow when I go there.

By 5:30 I was more than ready to go home and take a nap.

Traffic was okay, though a slow start with the concert traffic control in place.

Home, delivered was a package of 3 Turkish towels, they match the one I am replacing, except they are grey not white.

Got undressed, took 2 tylenol, and went to bed. Spot kept yelling at me so it took too long to get to sleep.

Woke up at 8:30, put on a robe, put the towels in the washer, gave Spook treats and blocked Spot from pushing her away.

Measured the TV in the bedroom, then looked at the label to confirm it is 55". The 43" coming Sunday will be a better fit.

Ate some mango chunks, watched PTI and the new Below Deck. The crew is all new except for Capt. and chief stew. Editing on this episode is crap. Maybe the next one will be better. Very annoying charter guest. There is a male steward who says he went to butler school in England but the photo they showed was in the India tradition. Not a butler as much as a "boy".

Noshed on chopped liver & fried shallots. Not as good as the fried onions. Had a couple of popsicles.

Took two aspirin, and they have done their job. I feel normal again.

Plans for tomorrow:

11:30 park office to renew the lease
2 pm photo shoot

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