Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moaner Leaser

It was a rough night, that long nap pushed my sleep cycle way off. At 5 am or so I was up, munching on a Klondike bar even though my Hgl was high, and watching Tivo.

Back to bed at 6:30, heard the computer on, remembered it comes on automatically at 6:15, and starts my Drive C backup. Sundays it does drive E.

Woke again at 9 to the Google alarm, was not real eager to get out of bed but I managed to get to the park office a few minutes before 11:30 to find that the manager had stepped out. That's okay, I was early. And there was pumpkin pie from the monthly birthday party. I should make a note to go next month.

While I was there, Fedex brought the packet from the finance company. They had left off my space number, and Fedex checks with the office to look it up. Receptionist remembered I was there.

Home, lots of junk in the mailbox. I left it there.

Signed the papers - apparently they got their own address wrong on the two CA title transfer docs.

Gathered the camera & an extra battery & the remote for the studio flash. Drove to the nearest Fedex station, but their drop-off said not till Monday, and the guy behind the counter was trying with limited English to deal with a Type A who wouldn't take no for an answer. So on to the bigger Fedex at Mercado. The drop-off said 4 pm on Saturday, but the flag said it had been collected today. Didn't make a difference. So I dropped the envelope in. It won't hold up processing the refinance.

Then on to the photo shoot. The first set Laura made herself up like a geisha, but her outfit was western Victorian slut. I got some good shots. Vinny set up the lighting with blue side lights. Her second set was a total fail for me. IRL she is almost albino. She had on a white blonde wig which seriously needed a wash and conditioning, an off-white dress and light white makeup. She was whiter than a senate subcommittee. The lighting was kind of harsh too. She's an outstanding model, but there was only so much I could do with that outfit.

4:30, headed home. Delivered were a pair of cat toys. A wand with several sets of feathers and a battery powered ball with a feather on a stick. Push the button and the ball spins erratically, making the feathers zip around. Spot attacked it at once. Spook is also interested but doesn't want to fight Spot for it.

Watched the Huskies fail to give the game away to UCLA.

Dinner was shrimp egg rolls and shrimp won tons. Mochi for dessert.

Took the new bath towels out of the dryer, hung one up on the bathroom. Will hang up the others, one in the main and one in the guest bathroom.

9 pm and I'm still sleepy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Move the 55" TV to the guest room
Install the 43" one in the bedroom
Reprogram the bedroom remote for the new TV
Janice's at 3:30 to fix her PC to not ask for a password. The secret command is netplwiz
Starbucks w/Janice
Play with the Roku TV

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