January 16th, 2017



Again. Night before last Spook was spooked, meowing, looking all over the bedroom. I heard scratching under the bedroom in the corner near my closet, walked over there and it stopped when I stepped on a loose board.

Last night, 4 am, Spook is asleep on the bed, but I'm hearing scratching from the other corner. Going over there didn't stop it, but pounding on the floor with the lamp base did.

So, first order of business was Lowe's, picked up 4 rat traps. 3 traditional and one a modern less dangerous-to-me plastic one. All from Tomcat, which has a huge range of pest trap products. Nearby was another product I'd been looking for, a medium sized sprayer. I had been buying RoundUp in the allegedly handy pump spray container, but two out of two failed after one outing. So I needed something more reliable to pour the stuff into which could spray the borders and places where weeds come up around the house. I don't need to spray the garden, that doesn't get many weeds, I can pull those by hand.

On to Rite Aid, for toenail fungicide and artificial tears.

Home, made a 4-egg-two-cheeses scramble on a slice of sourdough for a late (2 pm) lunch. Drank lots of milk (I have 5 cartons, somehow).

Watched the Packers ruin a perfectly good miraculous Dallas come-back with a last minute field goal. A (IMHO) bad penalty call a couple of plays earlier negated a Dallas interception which would have either forced overtime given them the game. And the final FG was made possible by another penalty which was not a bad call, but it was the wrong severity - they called pass interference when it should have been illegal contact. The right call might have prevented that final FG. Maybe. 40% chance.

At halftime I watched a Youtube video on how to set the traps (the final latching is non-intuitive and tricky). Then made up a mix of salt and peanut butter for bait (the video said salty was good, but the PNB I buy is natural, just peanuts). Two traps got that mix, one got some bits of Swiss cheese, the modern one got a kitty treat. Took them all outside and set them under the house just past the access door. I wish I could get nearer where the noises were, but I'm just too fat to fit in/under there. When the weather gets better I need to hire one of the companies which works on manufactured homes to inspect under there and fix what needs fixing. I know some insulation needs to be re-installed.

Watched some of the channel 5 news until switching to the KC/Steelers game. I didn't watch much, it wasn't very exciting. KC fans are pretty quiet. I dozed off a few times. Dinner time rolled around, but I was too full of milk & egg nog, so I polished off 1/4 or a jar of remaining herring in sour cream, and changed my drink to diet orange soda. And had a Kind bar.

Decided to fire up Netflix on my company account per boss' okay, tried to watch three different comedy stand-up shows, but none of them amused me enough to spend more than 5 minutes. Took the trip downward to TV shows, and inspired by the sister of the wife of my UK cousin, chose Sherlock Season 1 Episode 1. The Cumberbatch one. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner. Superb writing, excellent cast, pretty good plot. The inevitable face off with the Bad Guy™ was drawn out a bit too long. I needed closed captions because although the cast enunciated well, a lot of the lines came out faster than I could translate them from the British. Especially Sherlock's. I especially enjoyed how they jigsaw puzzle introduced Dr. Watson. But they still have some explaining to do. My only technical gripe is they shot way too much of the episode in the dark. I'll make time to watch more, especially since I can watch at work as part of my testing.

Plans for tomorrow:
MLK Day = no work = no pay = Boo! Hiss!
Cut back some of the Bee's Friend plants, which are growing like weeds. Add the cuttings to the compost bin.