January 22nd, 2017


A Good Day For Streaming Media

Sunnyvale was Intermittent Rainyvale today. But I did need to go out into it a few times. But first...
Spook was nowhere to be found last night. Probably in a closet. I slept okay, was surprised at 7:30 when the lights, TV and radio came on as they do every morning. I turned them all off in record time. When I got up for real an hour later, I just barely made it through brushing my teeth and showering, did not bother to get dressed because the shakes and optical migraines said I was having an insulin reaction. Weird, because my bedtime reading was a very high 280, so I shot up my usual-for-that-level overnight 150 units.

Stumbled to the kitchen, Hgl meter said 63. Yikes! Only ate one Klondike bar, was feeling better but not 100% in 15 minutes. Plunked down at the computer and confirmed my weekly backup completed. Took a quick glance at FB, then back to the bedroom to get dressed. Made a couple of sunny side up eggs and slapped them on a stale piece of sourdough. Lactose-free milk chaser.

10 am, checked with Google, no football till 11:30, so I drove to the nails place, but they said come back in an hour. Home, got the TV set up on the NVidia box to Fox Sports, then went back out to get that manicure. Ducked into the Grocery Outlet and picked up some chocolates and crab meat, and a can of stuffed grape leaves. Wanted to get some frozen dinners, but there was a stocker blocking that section, and I needed a restroom. Checked out, went back across the lot to the coffee shop, used their facilities, was intending on making it up to them by buying one of their wonderful pecan sticky buns, but the ones they had left had almost no pecans or sticky stuff, so I just got in my car and drove home.

And by the time I got home the first game was already in progress, and there were points on the board.

Atlanta creamed Green Bay. It wasn't much of a contest. If I was more cynical than I am, I would bet that Packers receivers were bribed to drop the ball. They did way too much of that, often after they had it well in hand.

Next up was switching from Fox on SlingTV to CBS Total Access for the New England-Pitt game. Again, a blowout. Nothing went right for the Steelers for about 3/4 and then it was too little too late, and more things not going right.

I would like to see Brady win the Superbowl, because of that unwarranted suspension.

Back into the car, needed to get to Great Clips before 5, they close at 6 and their app said there was an 11-minute wait. Turned out to be 5. Had my beard trimmed too.

The next door to Safeway, where I resisted the habit of buying bananas (get those now at work). Mostly bought frozen dinners, but also picked up some butterfly shrimp and apple turnovers and a slice of black forest cake. Baked up half the bag of shrimp, nuked some frozen veggies and had the cake for dessert. Diet Cola to drink. Watched an episode of Sherlock on Netflix. 90 minutes is too long for that show.

Took out the garbage & recycles, but not the used batteries** or cardboard boxes because rain would muck up the cardboard bundle and keep me from taping the bag of batteries to the container.

**Collapse )

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Start at the main building. Fake it from there.