February 13th, 2017


Not Bad for a Monday

Slept well, woke up fewer times than average. Spook did the leg climb at about 7 am, but jumped right off the bed and parked herself on the cat tree by the front porch windows. Garbage day, neighbors to observe pushing their bins to the street. It's an interesting neighborhood that way. Garbage trucks never show up before 9 am,  recycle trucks around 2 pm, but most people wheel their bins out on Sunday.

Much of the insanity on FB has died down, so in the morning I'm logging in just to look at comments on my postings. Mostly photos. Only takes 5 minutes so I get on the road on time now.

Traffic was relatively light, but the stop lights made up for it. It was eerily misty at home, but cleared up by the time I reached MtnView.

Automation Guy phoned while he was stuck on 101, I had already passed his office 5 minutes before. I wish Google had set me up in that neighborhood.

Work was routine +: I was able to spend more time watching video than when I was first starting out. I finished all the required stuff, and am now on to adding apps which Boss asked me to research. Only two crashes, in a row, but not related. At Moto, we had a rule that anything which rebooted the system was a show stopper, no matter what caused it. So for example, if we found that the crash was caused by the producers of the video not following the format specifications, it was still a show stopper until engineering found a way to gracefully handle the "exception".

Tomorrow I'll bring my game controller from home, and batteries for the one in the hole which isn't lighting up. I like my NVidia one better, mostly because it is rechargeable.

Left fo home at the crack of 5:30, there was just enough light & time to fill the new spray pump with RoundUp and dose the cracks in the driveway and the borders of the gardens where weeds were growing that I couldn't pull out because the rocks were in the way. I also sprayed some CA poppies and Bee's Friend plants which were growing under the border rocks, just to see how specific RoundUp is.

While doing that UPS delivered a can of Scotchguard, so I put my Sharks jacket in the wash. After the dryer was done with it, I sprayed it generously, hanging by the carport door. I expect it will be dry & wearable tomorrow morning. No rain expected till Thursday, I think.

Dinner was Marie C Beef pot pie while watching Amazon's Red Oaks, a cross between Animal House and something a lot less exciting. Lots of pretty girls, sometimes topless, and young buff boys in tightie whities -- for them what likes that kind of thing.

The last of the almost forgotten fudgesicles for dessert.

Vanguard emailed that my 1099s were available for download. According to them, I lost a few dollars when I sold half my Apple stock. Scottrade still hasn't made their forms available, which is all I'm waiting for to file. I sold some stock through them while unemployed, but have no idea if those were gains or losses. Oh wait, I can look it up on their gains/losses tab - I made about $750, mostly long-term assets so there's a tax break on those. Which is why I have to wait for their forms.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, probably finish the test suite I'm working on. Maybe start running the automation tool.