March 2nd, 2017


A problem is not bugging me

So a while back my sister suggested I keep a compost container in the kitchen, so I don't have to carry every scrap out the the compost bin every time. Somehow, what was supposed to be a filtered lid let in a ton of gnats. Not wanting to spray insecticide in the kitchen, I started collecting carnivorous plants. They did a good job, and in a few months (I had taken the container outside) there were no more bugs.

And this meant those fairly expensive plants had nothing to eat. Many have shrunk to almost nothing. Turns out that except for maybe orchid food, the only way to bring them back is with small insects.
A very sweaty sleep last night. It inspired me to shower early. Took the freeway, and was at work early. Had to maneuver through a crowd of mostly men to get my morning banana and egg. Two big conferences going on, one with a buffet breakfast and lunch.

Boss came down to help me get started on the new testing laptop. I have the hang of it, I just needed to know which tests to prioritize. Turns out the manual ones. Some of them are interesting, most are dead boring. We also chatted about my contract, which needs to get done in the next 2 days or else she will have to "un-board" me, and go through the on-boarding process again. I'm not keen on that at all. Nor is she.

Meanwhile we're acting as if I'll be there another year.

Speaking of time passing, it was 10 o'clock before I realized March was upon us. Flipped my calendars after dinner.

Lunch was shrimp with angel hair pasta, as a gaggle of game producer managers from outside the company took up most of the seats. I was apalled to see only one woman in the group. About 20 men.

The guys next door used my TV while I was at lunch, so I didn't have to swap with theirs.

Left it running a memory test, which I'd started at 3 pm. That's either very good news, meaning the unit allocates memory well, or bad news, meaning it doesn't warn the test software when it is running low on memory. From the way video was playing, I'm guessing the former.

On the road at 5:30, home after moderate traffic.

Delivered was a very nice 50mm lens, and another failure from - a big bottle of liquid fabric softener, I could smell it from 10 feet away. Despite the cap being taped down and the bottle in a zip-lock bag, it had leaked. Fedex had probably dropped it, there was a big dent in the bottom, and I think a seam along the handle separated a little.  While the box size was fine, once again the packers laid the item on the bottom of the box and piled packing paper on top.  I sent a nastygram, a reply from the last response so it showed this was the third incident in a row, and the idiot who replied sounded like this had never happened to anyone ever before. Plus they had not applied the credit, so they charged full price.

Dinner was most of a smoked turkey leg and some veggies. Dessert was a few agar agar treats. The mango part is superb, the coconut is a little grainy, but not as inedible as I feared.

Watched The Voice but I'm not sure if Tivo got the whole thing or just half. None of the voices were stellar, but there were a couple who might make it to later rounds.

Spent an hour creating a card for a friend whose husband posted on FB. Husband is one of my very best theater buddies, and I know her by having seen them both on stage a few times. The story is she had a tumor growing behind her eyes, and was operated on two days ago. Benign, apparently. He was asking for cards to create a wall of good wishes for her. So I had to make one - store-bought would just not do. A little tricky in Word, because the second page has to be upside-down, and counter-intuitively (for me) the first page takes up the bottom half of the sheet and the seond takes up the top half on the other side. It took 3 tries to get it right. Somewhere I have InDesign cards I've built, but that app is a PIA. Pagemaker used to be so easy, but Adobe couldn't leave well enough alone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take the camera, the new lens is just right for taking pix around the campus. Legal as long as I'm only shooting outdoors.
Probably do that during lunch hour & before driving home.


Finally, after more than a month of delays, my contract rep received the offer to keep me at Google until this time next year. Had it not come through by tomorrow, Boss would have been forced to un-Google me, and go through the on-boarding process all over again when it came through. That would have been a major pain in the butt, and major delay.

Last night was a Spooky adventure. She had been knocking her cat bed all across the bedroom, diving under it, etc.,  so I decided to play a little game and put it on the spot on my bed where she sometimes sleeps. As soon as I turned off the lights, she hopped onto the bed and curled up in the cat bed. And stayed there till I was in the shower this morning. Webcam checks showed she was back in it most of the day. We'll see how long that lasts.

Brought the camera to work and tried out the new lens. It was no better than the older one for exposures. It focuses differently, but I knew that. At afternoon break time I went to the android sculpture garden and took some pix. Also got some of the hole. It got too sunsetty too fast to go across the street and take pix around the main campus. Probably better off doing that Saturday.

The Hole aka LMK1

Android garden

More Android Garden

It was busy at work, Engineer came down to work with me on troubleshooting a bug which was on my machine but not his. Of the 4 we have under test, 2 have it. It ended up crashing in a different way, so he gave me his and gave mine to the guys next door. They figured out what caused the bug, but not how to fix it. Yet.

So I was able to finish three more tests, which had a bunch of sub-tests. I still need the DVD player to finish the run. Maybe tomorrow, probably next week. Meanwhile I was using the new laptop and doing manual tests in order. Manual is not quite accurate, it's a combo of auto and manual which I had been pushing for at other companies.

The concept, in plain English, is the most important thing is what the customer sees. While it is important to "torture test" with software which repeats the same procedure 10,000 times, if the audio/video sucks after routine remote control use, then you've failed. What this new laptop does is automate the repetitive stuff, but for the manual tests it requires eyes and ears to validate.

For instance, one test plays the same video, changing the resolution 11 times, then repeats the process for 5 videos. After each video the tester needs to pass or fail the a/v quality by pressing a button on the laptop. All results are recorded automatically, and can be uploaded to the partner with another button push.

I was 15 minutes late to the break room for lunch, and while the customers had gone other places, many more employees than usual were there. Some eye candy and some antidotes. I had made a couple of PNB&J sandwiches, ate one, grapes for dessert.

Home, traffic on the back roads was medium light, 101 was impossible. I may have missed a CHM evening presentation, but no big loss if I hadn't registered for it.

Contract rep wants our next lunch meeting to be at The Sports Page. I have only been inside once, maybe 20 years ago. Before Google they were a center for the young not-so-elite. The summer trademark is a volleyball court out back. They have Reuben sandwiches, I'll be fine.

Dinner was the turkey leftovers, sourdough bread and reheated chinese BBQ pork. Rambutan for dessert.

Watched an episode of the new MacGuyver, and while it is much better in many ways than the original, Mac destroys three times as many items with his Swiss Army Knife than in the old series. And they make sure you see the brand mark.

Plans for tomorrow: