March 3rd, 2017


Short because I have someplace to go

FB reminded me that the every other week pizza night 20th anniversary is tonight. 10:30. It was started by theater people as an after-show thing, convenient to two theaters in Saratoga, but almost everyone who has done community theater in a 15 mile radius has done something at one or both.
Sweaty night,  Spook slept in the cat bed on my bed, I think I managed to not kick her. Up with the alarms, and my usual radio listening routine needs to change because it seems as soon as I get up, the talk shows break for commercials and traffic and commercials. Even though I am now commuting 15-20 minutes each morning, they never report on the traffic in that commute. And I hate the annoying audio loops they play, as if that's supposed to add something. And then there are the very obnoxious, and not applicable to me ads which are now almost the only fare on radio:
kars for kids (how many people actually have a car to donate?)
Sleep train's inane pleas to help foster children (for which I already pay taxes)
17 other mattress places
Tax lawyers. Who listens to AM radio & owes the IRS > 10 grand?
Rip-off mortgage companies (who won't loan on manufactured homes)
Retirement $$ advisors (way too late for me)
Solar (can't have that in the mobile home park)
Re-pipe specialists (not applicable to me either)

High Hgl this morning for no apparent reason.

On the road early, at work by 8:30. The customers got on a big bus yesterday afternoon. The break room is liberated.

I was alone in the building all day. Ran a lot of automated/manual tests. 46 at last count. That's all of them.

5:30, traffic was light, I even got to make my preferred turn at the IFH. According to my car app, Freeway there is 6.2 miles, long way back is 7.0 and today's was 6.4.

Checked with Adorama, they have a 30-days no questions return policy, so my new lens and an RMA form are boxed up and ready to take to UPS. I need to study the camera's manual regarding exposure settings. There are three, and apparently I use the wrong one. Reviews of my "old" lens say it is by far the better one.

I would have liked a 35mm instead of a 50, but those are all $500 range and about twice as big. I have no idea why they need more elements for a wider lens.

Dinner was Marie C herb roasted chicken, my agar treat for dessert. The coconut has cured a bit, and now the whole treat tastes great. It's going to take me a while to finish the two trays, but I'll make it again, next time the mint gets pureed into the mango mix.

Watched a Netflix test video on Mexico which was one of the ones I saw at work. The test machine overlays the screen with data, only the center 1/3rd of the picture is clearly seen. It's called Chimera, if you want to look it up, and will appear as a netflix logo instead of a thumbnail.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, get rat traps and bait for under the house, and lacquer for the spirit house. And a long grabber thing to remove the spring-loaded rat traps.
UPS store
Janice at 6:30, to keep her company when she goes to SFO for a bizarre 8:30 pm appointment to get her Clear pass. You would think they would do it during normal hours at San Jose, but no.