March 20th, 2017


I feel so sorry for my friend

M was the star of the first musical I did when I moved down here in the early 80s. We were doing a Sondheim show, and he was spending weekends in LA as one of Sondheim's pianist/arrangers. He brought back a manuscript for a number which was going to be in a future Sondheim show which he had permission to use in our show. He was in his 20s at the time. His day job was at a bank.

Very often he was the accompanist at auditions when I tried out. A couple of times he was the rehearsal pianist for shows I was in. When I went to see shows friends were in, he was sometimes music director.

We weren't on stage together again until 2008, which is when I learned three surprising things about M:

- He is a nurse at my HMO
- He is gay
- He is married to G, who as far as I could tell, had no interest in music or theater beyond occasionally seeing M perform.

G died yesterday.

He went through scheduled surgery, spent about a week in recovery and was back home when he died. 

The only time I can remember meeting G is when I visited the also-gay director of that 2008 show, H, who was in the hospital recovering from a leg amputation - a result of dead kidneys and no transplants available.

G was someone I did not know at all, and I am sad at his passing much more because he was dear to M, H and many of my theater friends, who are devastated. 


Worst day in ages

Since exercise usually lowers blood sugar, I made sure to measure before bedtime. 168. That's a little high, which surprised me, so I shot up the usual 150 units for overnight. Much trouble getting to sleep, exacerbated by it being before midnight, so my bedroom motion sensor program was still active. Problem is it's defective, I thought the new battery solved that but no, every 5 minutes the lights would go on, even with the sensor face down on the night stand. Finally pried out the battery.

Up at 1:15, 3 and 4. Felt like my blood sugar was too high so I stumbled to the kitchen (still very sore from gardening) and took a reading. 59. Yikes! Two Klondikes and half an hour, then back to bed.

Spook followed me, complaining all the way.

The lights at 7:30 woke me, I switched off the TV & radio, took 15 minutes to get out of bed. Had a shower after the massage last night, so skipped that.

On the road at 8:30, and even on my street there was traffic. And more cars than usual on all the roads leading to the freeway, and on the freeway it was packed but moving right along. At work 10 minutes early, grabbed a banana and a HB egg and a diet coke from the building across the street, and got set up for Boss 9:30 meeting. Which she switched to 10:30. And 11:30. And 2 pm. And finally canceled. In my email was a message from someone from just after I left on Friday saying he had a unit for me to test, it was on his desk in the big building. No thanks. Not walking this morning. Not just the sore body but it was cloudy and windy and not a fun walk. Boss said leave it till tomorrow, the guy is out of town today.

So I spent the day running more tests on the TV I had been working on.

Lunchtime, I had to barge through a crowd of boys, middle school I think, who were blocking the hallway and ignoring their teachers who were telling them it was time to leave, and get away from the coffee grinder.

Break time there was a cameo by one unit of eye candy.

I'm reading a sci-fi romance novel, which has some hard science as well as the usual romance novel seesaw between lust and guilt and the man she loves but cannot marry and the spaceman who is her chance to get off the planet with whom she can't but must fall in love. Reckless Rescue (A Barren Planet Romance Book 1) by Rinelle Grey. Good character depth, lots of accurate stuff about winter survival in a small farming village.

Home, cut a couple of pieces of the agar experiment. The mango mint tasted great but is too mushy. I really should scoop it out and add more agar and make it the top layer. But not tonight, I'm still pooped from the insulin reaction. Maybe tomorrow.

Dinner was Marie C orange chicken, not their best effort, and some lactose-free Cherries Garcia, which reminded me again that I like the name but not the flavor.

Am typing this on my old Thai/English keyboard because I've worn the E off the last two modern ones while all the letters are intact here. It also doesn't have the insert key near the backspace, which was causing problems.

Watched some more Daredevil in HDR, but they are spending way too much time on backstory and everything is shot in the dark. So no more of that muck.

Early bedtime tonight, I'll use minimal insulin, if any.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe fix the agar treats