March 22nd, 2017


8:30 feels like 11:45

Did not sleep well at all last night. No apparent reason. Spook woke me at 6 by walking across my legs and back again, and head-butting my hand.

Why is it when I want to listen to talk radio in the shower they insist on telling me the traffic report from 100 miles away, followed by 10 minutes of ads for tax evaders, mortgages, get rich less slowly schemes and the insurance company which I shall not name, but shall say that if they spent all those advertising $$ on lowering their rates, their insurance would be free.
Packed a lunch, took drugs, laid down treats for an absent cat, and hit the road. It was raining again, the ground is too soaked to absorb the runoff, so there's a lot of spray. My car was one of the culprits, I had to keep running the rear wiper. Got on the freeway from the back roads, lots of traffic, way more people who didn't know that my lane was an exit-only, but moderately easy last mile.

Work, finished what I needed to by lunch time. Boss said she had a new remote for the Latvian STB I was about to test, so I hiked up to get it, and returned the two I'd gotten from the Guy. Quick chat with Boss resulted in me filing a bug when I got back to the hole. Plus she confirmed what I had seen - for various political reasons, Netflix doesn't provide its HDR or even its 4K content to all of the companies which put its player on their gear.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine Asian beef. Thin mints for dessert. They are not working, I'm not getting thinner.

Part of my testing is watching news feeds, and the London mess was alarming. I have a cousin with a B&B in London, and another who is a rights advocate who is sometimes at parliament to talk to MPs and testify at hearings. Neither was in the area today. Once again the police shot and killed the attacker, so panic triumphs over common sense and we will never know who sent him. More frustrating in a country where the police are rarely armed with guns. When he was shot, all he had was a knife.

Balancing that, I found an excellent TED talk after FF-ing (part of the test) past two boring speakers.

Had trouble making the new remote work. Someone had jammed the batteries in backward. 

Break time was quiet, except three of the engineers from the next room were giggling about something. The usual smash and grabbers, one cute visitor.
Email addressed to everyone in the big building warning that there was a dance in the cafeteria at 5:30, which meant no camping out there with my laptop, so I drove home, with a stop at Rotten Robbies and 6 quarters to feed the air compressor. Pumped all the tires to 40. The front right looks like it may have sidewall damage, so I'll keep an eye on the low pressure icon. This car has no spare, the battery is in that space.

Dinner, Marie C sliced beef & smashed potatoes with sting beans & shredded carrots. I hate when they do that to carrots. Dessert was two cubes of the resurrected agar treat, and it was a success. However, I used way too many mint leaves so the mango tastes a little gritty. The coconut layers taste and smell more like coconut, and are more the right softness. I am pleased. In a couple of weeks I'll try again, probably just with coconut creme, which is more traditional. And this time I won't forget to use the pandan leaves.

Skimmed the first set of The Voice battles. Major WTFs: they are having pairs from the same team "battle" by singing a duet together. The cute 13-year-old boy, whose voice will probably change Real Soon Now, was voted in while the 26-year-old woman who out-sang him was sent home. I'm done with the show till the last couple of weeks, I think.

In other news, alcohol on a q-tip did not make the keys on this keyboard much cleaner or easier to read. :-( Will try dish soap next.

Maybe some wine before bedtime tonight?

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe do the garage thing if nothing's happening in the cafeteria (there's a concert on Friday)