April 13th, 2017


Looking, but haven't found a DW off-line editor

I use Seamagic, which was developed using LJ's API and has not been updated since 2012, but it works 95% of the way I want. The only thing it isn't good at is embedding pictures and videos. Looking at DW, there seems to be no analog to that. I seriously hate composing online. All kinds of nasty crap can happen if a connection is lost or a server burps.

My entries and comments are still in the queue, and will probably be there for a while. Out of about 100 friends who were copied, only half a dozen show up as DW accounts, all the others point to an unused LJ account. I was pretty surprised that radar was the first of those, and it's only a single placeholder post.

I'll keep posting here until the slurp is done.

Slept well, Spook climbed me at 6 am, which was rude. She has developed a fascination with the shower. She'll sit at the opening and stare, and then go in and sit right over the drain after I've taken a shower. Very weird. I think she may need a bath. I know she needs her claws trimmed. The new 3-tier ball and loops toy still gets her attention.
First stop this morning, since I was way early out the door, was Kaiser. Picked up the new meter, test strips, lancets and control solution. The meter comes with a molded case for it and the strips and lancer. They fit inside a semi-hard shell. The new strips are strange, they only use a teensie bit of blood, and it goes in on the side, 1/3 of the way down the strip. The contacts are a small silver fork.

I had some down time at work, so set it up, and found the doc had ordered the wrong model. All the stuff was free, so no biggie. I ordered the right one on Amazon, < $20. The right one has bluetooth and can upload to a phone app. The wrong one needs a cable and uploads to a web site. It took forever to find the PC app for that.
Work was busier than expected. I had to re-do yesterday's spreadsheet because the TV I was using as a reference needed overnight to update. About the same time the long-awaited new build to fix a bug arrived, but I needed Engineer's help to install it because it didn't play well with linux. It fixed the bug I'd reported, but it didn't fix the same issue on a couple of other apps. As far as I'm concerned, they fixed the bug I reported, and it's up to Boss to decide whether to have me file more bugs, or whatever.

In lieu of lunch, I drove out to Sunnyvale, well past home, to Scottrade. They had to call the office where I opened the account to get it un-frozen. Since it had been idle for a year it was locked. The bonus rollover was just under $200, worth the hassle. I'll check tomorrow to see if the funds are there, and if they transfer automatically, I'll know in a week. If not I'll order a transfer.

Back from that, Boss had another bug for me to try to reproduce, which I tried on two different TVs, but it turned out to only show up on versions I don't have.

Weird weather, cold and windy and overcast but no actual rain.

After work I drove to another part of Sunnyvale for a VTA-sponsored citizen participation meeting about fixing the corridor on which light rail runs. Technically it starts right behind my house, and runs through the rest of Sunnyvale, the through Santa Clara past Levi's stadium, and through San Jose's Cisco Row, and then off to Milpitas and the Great Maul, which is getting a BART station near its light rail station. The whole thing is kind of a boondoggle, VTA has hired two private companies to plan what changes need to be made, and to convince the four city governments to back them. Most of their presentation was pushing better sidewalks (there are no sidewalks in much of Sunnyvale/Santa Clara) and continuous, standardized bike lanes. There are at least six bike lane designs on those streets, not including "share the road" bullpucky.

The woman who ran the meeting was one of the hirelings, she did a superb job of setting expectations, sticking with them, keeping the meeting on track and wrapping up. The only thing she did which was stupid was use paper flip charts to write down suggestions as she heard them, in print too small to read from the front row.  This is what computers with typists are for.

I had a good chat with one of my city councilmen, who agreed with a comment I made that all along the light rail route through Sunnyvale/Santa Clara there isn't a single park and ride facility. The first one is the VTA office in North San Jose. There is one at a small station in S. Mountain View, but that's not in the Tasman corridor.

Home, Boston Market beef & noodles, ice cream chaser. Watched another chapter of Stranger Things. Crazy mom is almost reasonable now. Boring police chief is now proactive, slightly crazy police chief. The children continue to be some of the worst child actors on the planet, though the one who looks like Michael J. Pollard has the most intelligently written lines, and tries to deliver them as such, but his dental deformity gets in the way.

Did some housekeeping on DW. Fixed the Barclays issue in Quicken.

Delivered was an Amazon Fire tablet. The amount of bloatware is amazing. I got it to use the Kindle app, which seems to work well, and to watch videos on the web, but I haven't found the browser yet. On YouTube I have re-discovered K-pop.

Found the browser - it's called Silk. It seems to work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe park in the garage. Maybe Starbucks after work and use my free drink credit.