April 18th, 2017


Today has been brought to you by the letter MONDAY

Pretty good sleep. Spook waited till my alarm went off before head butting my hand. Up and out early, at work early.

Nothing useful to do, Boss I later found out was a no-show. Often this means she is working off-site at one of her partners' locations.

Lunch was Asian beef, with half a dark chocolate Lind bunny for dessert. There was a high school or middle school tour, I still don't understand why the teachers don't keep them in the hallway, instead of letting them rush to the coffee maker, which is too slow for them to get anything from before they have to get back on the bus. There were also a few locals having lunch or laptopping around the room. Once again, out of diet Coke. I grabbed a Coke Zero, which to me tastes like weak Dr. Pepper. I still had some diet Mountain Dew back in the hole, and maybe some caffeine free diet Coke.

Watching my webcam, I saw Spook in the bedroom, slapping around a ball, and in the process she jumped onto the bed and whacked the BnB to the floor, upside down.

Finally about 3:30 Tall Engineer asked me to come up to the big building to test a new board. Parking in the garage was impossible,  even the valet was backlogged, but I found a spot outside easily enough, it just meant a 2-block walk and dodging the crowds waiting for the huge buses back to SF. There was some serious eye candy there, so I didn't rush. And played some Ingress along the way,

By the time I got to TE's desk, he had sent me a note telling me the board didn't work, so don't bother coming. I helped him troubleshoot it, but it was hopeless.

So, back to the car and back to the hole for the final hour. It was raining.

5:30, I grabbed my work laptop bag, so I can check my email before I leave in the morning. In case there is a note from Boss or TE or anyone asking me to show up at the big building. Parking is not a problem if I get there at 9.

First stop was my old fave Capri Nail Spa, the receptionist/owner recognized me even though it has been about 10 years. They have changed from acrylic powder dissolved in acetone to painting the nails with some kind of gel, coating it with powder, and painting it again. Then the traditional UV-cured top coat. Looks pretty good. The tiny woman who did the honors took a long time, almost an hour.

Next stop, OSH, bought a pair of pots of cilantro. The Kao Mok Gai recipe calls for cilantro root, which none of the grocery stores sell, but "grow your own" means you can pull them out by the roots. Also bought a garden gnome figurine in the form of a fat goldfinch on a tree branch. It's bigger than a real goldfinch. Not sure where I'll put it.

Which reminds me, the Brewers blackbirds have invaded the hole's parking lot, pecking for food along the seams of the cars, where the doors meet the frame, and across the tops of windshields.

Final stop, Grocery Outlet. Got Thai Jasmine rice, a spatula & chicken stock, but they had no shallots or Daikon. I can use onions instead of shallots, I have plenty of those.

Home too late to marinate the chicken or go to BASFA. Dinner was way late, 10 pm +,  a small Thai coconut chicken lunch-sized thing. Coconut popsicle for dessert. Watched 3/4 of a Shark Tank.

Not having anything to do at work is dangerous, I spent more $$. Bought a used zoom lens, some USB-C extension cables, and a replacement for my broken aromatherapy mister. What I thought last night was rats scratching was actually the old mister not automatically shutting off when it ran out of water.

That Murray's pomade I bought the other day? Looking at their web site, it's clear it was invented for the African-American market. For styling conked hair. No wonder it's so thick. The tin is classic, I think I'll empty it and use it for electric screwdriver tips or something.

Once again Kaiser sent me a paper bill against my paperless, auto-pay account. I sent it back with VOID scrawled across it and a nastygram telling them I'll contact all the places if they don't cut it out. Other places which send me bills which are on auto-pay explicitly say on the bill not to send money, but not Kaiser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check my work email before heading out
Work. Hope there is actual work to do.